Just here to say that Renai Circulation still reigns as the greatest anime song of all time.
Cade said:
Just here to say that Renai Circulation still reigns as the greatest anime song of all time.
Get the fuck out of here.
What a warm welcome to this new page of musical goodness...

Here a happy song to lighten the mood (Working OP)
All 3 of the Working OPs are great.
Cade said:
Get the fuck out of here.
Ain't my fault I don't like that annoying, breathy, moe shit.
I love metal rock, my fav band is In this Moment, I love their song Sex Barbie Metal
Not the kind of band I would expect to be hailing from St Peterburg:
Messer Chups - Magneto (The bass player is quite the hottie sporting her china doll haircut ;)
These next two MVids are equal parts of 60's nostalgia and amusement:
Messer Chups - For everyone over 30
Messer Chups - Popcorn
otaku_emmy said:
I Can Only Imagine
Not often that I come across a youtube music video where <The uploader has not made this video available in your country.>....The official music video is not restricted.... teh
This was posted in the comment thread of an article regarding a statement by a certain politician. Beautiful.
I'm listening Jazz fm now. Also I'm fond of classic music
and I like rock)

Mod Edit: Muse - Feeling Good
^Video not available for me, maybe just my country.

Oceans Ate Alaska
Technical, melodic, brutal metal. I find myself listening to this album from time to time. Definitely among the best of 2015.
Wiresetc said:
Oceans Ate Alaska
Wiresetc said:
Technical, melodic, brutal metal.
Yeah, I could already tell that from the band's name. You didn't have to say a word.
OAA is pretty sick, they area bit of a stand out for me personally. Breakdowns are deadly and the vocalist growls and screams are on point.

Probably known about, but still, it's a great one. Especially the bonus stuff at the end in this one, only if your enjoy the show that is.