I love old Western TV shows. Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Have Gun - Will Travel. Premium stuff that was.
This. New Korn, pretty dope.

Life of Fear Edgy song name, but I got here from a cat video, turned out to be pretty awesome.
Nice shares here again.

Currently listening to the new Oceans Ate Alaska. Also August Burns Red posted this new song
Some south east asian riffs
Wage War - Witness

Edit: Just found this sick collaboration between Japanese band Crossfaith and Enter Shikari:
Freedom (ft. Rou Reynolds)
A Glow You Know

The entire album is fantastic and Jim Guthrie is top tier. In my opinion.

Something on the weebish side, but still very relevant to metal.
Coldplay - Don't Panic - Chillout remix Often, I prefer original versions, but this chillout version is a very relaxing, pleasant exception.
Holy shit kill this thread. I'm so sick of getting forum notifications only for it to be someone just name dropping a link here with no discussion at all.

And yes I know I'm guilty of that too.
We're not music critics. If we're sharing something it's because we like it. Either listen to it or don't. Gah.

Can't expect people to write a soliloquy every time they wanna plop a song down. Or attempt to make conversation with no one.
I think it's mostly the fact that no one is writing anything on any of the other threads. I know its disappointing to me to see the forums icon light up, only to have it just be the music thread again.