Traps aren't trans or gender neutral. They're just guys who like to dress as girls for either their own pleasure or for attention. A lot of the time they're actually straight. "Trap" was never meant to be a term used to represent real people. It was an anime trope.

I think the thing that ruined traps was people not understanding what traps actually are and SJWs getting ahold of it and people beating that "Are traps gay?" meme in to the ground.

It should be noted that drag queens aren't traps either.
Nigga all I meant was that Astolfo oversaturated the trap market.
What I said was more directed at Kiho, my nigga.

It's okay that people misunderstand things sometimes, so I like to try and educate them so misinformation isn't perpetuated.

I guess people like Astolfo because he's the most relevant trap and, in my opinion, one of the prettiest. But he's not real. I only like anime traps.
Anyone who still whines about PC culture just sounds like a Facebook babyboomer. Move on to detached esoteric traditionalism like the rest of us.
You're weird.
To be fair I didn't know about Astolfo until I found images popping up on Sankaku awhile back. Initially thought a girl, was proved otherwise. Fuck it, mine.
The thing I don't understand about Astolfo is whether or not he's actually TRYING to look/act like a girl.
Astolfo likes to dress pretty, is all. He never once hinted at even trying to look like a girl or whatever. He just likes dressing pretty.
Yeah! That's what I was thinking!

Then he doesn't even really count as a trap since he's not purposefully trying to look like a female or act like one.

But everyone sees him and labels him as a trap on the internet.