slayerduck said:
... i moved konachan to a different server ...
Didn't keep the servers IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on a sticky note, but it's still located in the netherlands. Does the explicit loli thing also take place in the netherlands? Or was it a thing back in the days the server was in spain? Please don't call me dumb :) I'm just asking because I'm not that much in touch with the laws outside of good ol' germany.
The explicit-loli policy, has not changed - still forbidden.
It appears since the server move, the API broke a bit. All the url's are missing the HTTPS: at the begining.

For example:
It's not just the API. The register at window.Post.posts._object which many features use is the same. The thumbnail on the history pages would be one example.

Surprisingly, Firefox doesn't have a problem with urls including the domain but omitting the protocol. I assume most browsers are the same or we would have heard about it by now.

Still though, it will cause problems with scripts and programs that use the API or DOM Post data so we should fix it.
The moebooru add-on for Kodi* ( ) being one of said programs. I had to manually edit its file in order to make the add-on properly display previews and pictures.

This add-on can be installed within Kodi as a picture add-on through its repository or manually via a ZIP file (look for "" on Google).

What I did is replacing (in file) all instances of:
- img.get("jpeg_url", "")
- img.get("preview_url","")
respectively by:
- "http:"+img.get("jpeg_url", "")
- "http:"+img.get("preview_url","")

Indeed this is temporary and until this issue gets resolved.

*Kodi is a media center app available for many OSes. Its latest version is 16.1 (codenamed "Jarvis")
Uh, what happened to the advertisements? all I'm seeing is this image.
Konachan's server was off-line for a while yesterday as well.
All explicit posts (uncensored etc) seem to be not showing up (images seem to be hidden or omitted from pages)

(edit: and it's fixed)

(edit: and it's gone again)
Make sure you're only using When you're on, you won't see images rated Questionable or Explicit.