opportunity to change avatar and add smile icons
MuntyJay said:
opportunity to change avatar
here's some help

and here's a short etiquette
Zolxys said:
If that's a possibility, I guess I'll have to rush to update the Avatar Storage script. If we implement a server side redirect right now, anyone with avatars stored on http would lose them permanently...
Updated userscript: [Konachan / yande.re / LB] Avatar: Storage

Anyone with avatars stored on http will need to load a profile page (or a set avatar page) before an https redirect is set up. Doing so will automatically synchronize avatars between the four http/https/.com/.net combinations. If you have different avatars stored on 2 or more of those, the lists will be merged.
I bet the best suggestion would be to add RSS capability to this site for automatic downloads by set perameters such as tags. For example if I like wiafu tagged images then the RSS would allow me to automatically download the wallpapers tagged with "waifu" so I never miss a masterpiece. Can I get an amen? Not to mention you wouldnt have to worry about a large database of photos if we are already downloading our preffered h
We do have a feed, but it only lists new posts. So if a post is uploaded and then later tagged with a tag you're looking for, you'll only see it listed when it's uploaded without that tag. And you would have to handle the filtering of posts by tag in your RSS client. And the associated files are just the thumbnails, but they do link to the web page for the post.

I believe there are a few desktop programs specifically designed for this and other boorus that might do what you want.

Jordin said:
Not to mention you wouldnt have to worry about a large database of photos...
You seem to be mistaking this for a regular image board. First of all, I doubt images would be tagged nearly as well if they were just set to expire after a short period of time. Many taggers wouldn't bother tagging on a site like that.

A few major points that define boorus are that the posts never expire and that they are tag based and searchable. If you're only looking for posts that pass our quality check, just check back one in a while and search for your favorite tags. You won't miss anything.