And now he's dead. Because of how he lived.
He achieved immortality because of how he lived. His life will go on through the millions he's made an impact on while we vanish from history.
Okay Cade. You win.
Had a dream where I was part of a bunch of tomb raiders I guess (Not the Lara Croft kind). We were in some kind of temple or castle or something and one impatient looter among many ended up triggering a trap that made it rain down iron spikes from the ceiling. I somehow survived the onslaught for the first few seconds before finding adequate cover, but what I found weird was how long the javelins kept raining down and the speed in which they were falling as if shot out through a cannon. I know ancient cultures are creative with traps but that just went beyond my suspension of disbelief.
So I don't know what the fuck's wrong with my brain, but whenever I have a sex dream I'm a guy (with a great dick) and I'm fucking chicks who aren't in to it (or who have no presence of mind). It's getting annoying.

This morning I had a dream that I was going through someplace just fucking different chicks I came across. In public spaces. Like I was testing them out while other people gauged my interest.

They had bodies (that felt rather good to penetrate) that weren't actually organically human. Kinda like...things made to look and feel like real women. They could move too; they weren't stiff or doll like. They did just stand in place though. Anyway, I fucked several of 'em. Forced one down to the ground and hit it from the back. She had a fat ass and thighs.

Then at the end of the dream I was a girl again (I think?) and I was getting shit tons of free designer swag and I ran in to Tony Revolori in a big, fancy, artisanal indoor market/grocer type place.
I'm clearly influencing your subconscious.
I wanna have a normal sex dream though. One where I have a vagina and I'm the one getting slam jammed.

Oh, I remembered another part of the dream. I had my cock out and I was prodding one girl's face with it until I finally grabbed her by either side of her head and slid (more like shoved) the whole thing down her throat.

Again, she didn't care either way. Pretty vacant expressions on all these lasses. I don't think they had the ability for thought, expression, etc.

I even go down on women in my dreams, which is weird because I don't even like (looking at or thinking about) cunnilingus.
You're slowly turning into free night!
I've never hurt anyone sexually in a dream. I'm just rapey. I once raped an orc, but this was as a female. It was a dude orc with a huge peen, as orcs are known to have. I sometimes touch men erotically in dreams when they don't want me to.

But nah, I've never been straight up violent with it.

Edit: I remember part of a dream I had a long time ago. I was me, pretty much. I was...a sort of handler/boss of this girl. She was very shapely. She was an assassin/spy type of character. But this was in the future, so she wore a black, skintight bodysuit. It was a leathery looking material with panels that looked to be made of carbon fiber. It was night, and she had just completed a mission. I had rejoined with her outside, and was showing her off to the client like she was some kind dog or sex slave. I was standing behind her and running my hands along the curves of her hips and breasts. My face was nuzzled in to her neck. She didn't like this, and was visibly wincing.
otaku_emmy said:
I've never hurt anyone sexually in a dream. I'm just rapey.
Isn't that a contradiction? By raping someone you are sexually hurting them.
Agos said:
Isn't that a contradiction? By raping someone you are sexually hurting them.
Nah, I didn't. They weren't in pain.
Had a series of weird dreams. First I was in this saving the world bullshit where the final final boss is always someone else with a completely different agenda, apparently.

Then I was walking, walking and walking for so long, that I suddenly collapsed at the entrance of a really large basement or something. People pulled me in, and changed my bandaids cause of them wearing out, but since they didn't change all of them, I didn't get the set bonus.

After which the scene changes to a cartoonish basketball game on a podium where this basketball superstar starts doing some impossible moves, and ending it by flinging the ball into the crowd, jumping into it, grabbing a girl and flicking her nipple to make her boobs bounce the ball into the basket 50m high.