otaku_emmy said:
the beach bimbo type you'd see in the silly B movies of that era
You're off by a good 20 years.
But I'm talking about the 60s. 20 in either direction would be the 40s or 80s, and that's definitely not what I'm talking about.

Here, her suit was like this.

So maybe late 60s early 70s.

Edit: Yeah, cuz Barbarella came out in '68 and the girl I molested had that vibe to her.

Edit 2: I looked it up just to make sure but B-movies, by their technical definition, were still being made in the 60s and 70s (the "exploitation era").
Being in the same room with Jeff Seid made me so angry that I walked 3 miles home in the pitch black night.
I had a sex dream the other morning, except instead of getting to have sex the guy did this weird thing and started uncontrollably cumming whipped cream. I was very disappointed.
I had a dream that I was searching for a "Daddy".

Before that dream, I was some VR anime girl who was having a good time flying around in virtual space. I had long, brunette twintails.

The Daddy dream was more fun though.
Dreamed that Lenny gave me a sensual oil massage and I moaned in ecstasy as he worked out the tension of my lower back. No homo.
I actually watched that whole video and enjoyed it. I am surprised.
Don't sink into the sea of piss that is Delray Misfits. Back away.
No, I won't. He's just funny. I liked his attitude.
2 nights ago I had a dream that someone I knew was tryna secrety kill me. Me and this person never talk anymore tho. M then tonight i went number 2 and then my history teacher started analyzing it, and felt bad for me (constipation )

Dreams are interesting
I had a dream that Sam Hyde was my boyfriend. The dream took place within the Detroit: Become Human game. But it was real life and not just a video game. I got to hang out with Connor for a while, which was cool because I love that robot man.

All in all, it was pretty fucking weird.
Had a dream about the castle of Devil May Cry 1.
Aah, it was so nostalgic and peaceful there (in the game it's of course not xD). Standing outside in the garden, behind me the huge castle and the wind blowing through my hair.
I had a dream that I was in school with the guy I like. High school or something. One of the teachers was some fairly attractive younger woman with long black hair. I found out she was giving him handjobs behind my back (figuratively, not literally) and I went to confront (fight) her about it. Basically I was gonna tell her he was mine and she needed to back the hell off (Plus it's rather inappropriate anyways, you know?). So she and I came to blows, and I did what any reasonable woman would do and literally cut her fucking head off.

This was the second beheading dream I had this morning.
otaku_emmy said:
the boy is mine
Late response but OMG I LOVE THAT DREAM. Like sometimes, you just can't helpful get sassy at those situations. Like you just wanna pop off

Anyways, I had a nasty dream. Someone made a 4 day challenge for me:

day 1: posioned chicken
day 2: poisoned beef
day 3: poisoned pork

I have no idea what the hell i was thinking, but I ate it anyways. I woke up disgusted with myself. Then when I walk downstairs (not dream), there are piles of meats on the table and I... eating meat feels so gross after that dream (I'm eating a black forest ham sandwhich rn and... *sigh*
I've been having A LOT of dreams about men and physical altercations lately.
I remember having a dream about being a zookeeper and brushing a tigers teeth i told him to open wide and he stuck his tongue out xD
I had a dream about the guy I like. We were just talking on the phone.
Now I'm curious who it is...
I had a dream this morning that I was fondling some guy's hard phallus. He still had his khaki colored cargo shorts on and I was feeling it through his pants. It was poking out his...left pant leg. I told him it was too long and skinny, so he should shorten it and make it thicker. I was instructing him to physically change his penis. Which, somehow, he magically did almost immediately.
The oddest thing about this is that someone in khaki cargo shorts would be getting a handjob.
I wasn't even gonna jerk him off. I just wanted to grab on it while he still had his clothes on.

I actually like thinking about that.
Had a dream about an impending apocalypse and a snake.