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Oh, I never said I didn't fight back; I've signed a number of petitions over the years and signed the one for SOPA. I also write my congressmen over issues too. I even started a petition over the evil Spousal Protection Act on

What I'm saying is that we have let so many freedoms slip that you'll never get them back. Have you seen anything change at all in the last 20 years with the US government? I haven't in the last 30 years; the debt only goes up, gun laws have increased 10 fold, corruption is at it's highest and inflation is at an all time high. The government never stopped the jobs exodus to China, Illegal immigration is still off the charts, etc.. NOTHING has improved, regardless of our votes.

Now, what I'm saying is that YOU have to be willing to resort to violence to restore order, and the timid people we call Americans/Europeans just won't do that any longer; they'll talk a good talk, but when push comes to shove, they're cowards. The second Amendment was written for two primary purposes, to defend our borders and to have enough personal weaponry to overthrow the US government if they ever failed the will of the people. That happened when FDR instituted mass income tax and sweeping liberal social policies, like Social security. Stealing from the pockets of the people. You missed my point entirely.

As for my statement about technology censoring; yeah, I'm right 100%. Watch.
What the world leaders know is that you cannot control a populace without knowing what they all do, and controlling it, hence the FBI's Carnivore/ Agnes and the homeland security monitoring 10,000 more. I could keep going, but you get the idea. Human freedoms are a lost cause, they are just sneaking restrictions in little by little. You only noticed this because it was too big.

You weren't around when the feds tried Prohibition or instituted the 1968 or 1994 gun acts. Are you aware of Blue laws, or dry counties?

Here's a homework assignment Cuda: research how many laws were created from 2002 to 2012. You'll understand my statement.

PS: PEOPLE like me are the ones the people who wish to remove our rights are really afraid of; I called for a public execution of Lamar Smith online, for treasonous behavior against the will of the American people and the assault of the 1st and 4th Amendments.
WTF is going on here? Please don't incite myself (or heaven forbid, Shuugo) to intervene directly.

While everyone is entitled to a viewpoint/opinion on matters, you're starting to seriously veer this thread into a personal rant blog.


While I am prior military as well, I don't have the same experiences as you. However, I do sympathize somewhat with your disillusion of the world and the US in particular. That said, you of all people should know there is a time and place for that type of discussion. This thread is not one of them. This thread was already partially derailed earlier because of the MegaUpload situation. I let that slide because I was stupid enough to fan the flames and that it was peripherally related to the topic at hand. HOWEVER:

I will NOT have this thread turn into a bloody rant thread.
I WILL lock this thread if called for if you can't control your emotions and behavior. Get sober first, THEN post.

If you INSIST on debating the issue in your current state, use dmail.
Beside what is really the topic of this thread to begin with? I'm kinda lost. Seem that this thread was created to get people involed to stop ACTA more or less.

*sight* With all these stuff going on with politics... Well I should say capitalism politics to be more specific since they see every thing free as a threat...
SOPA/ACTA/PIPA discussion thread.

I've signed that petition from Avaaz with all my 5 e-mails.
Agos said:
What really sucks is that I was in the middle of watching a anime online but all episodes past 14 were only available on megavideo. And I was really getting into the series too...(T_T)
what show were you watching? if you're willing to torrent (some people for some reason aren't) i can probably point you in the right direction
Bringerof_D said:
what show were you watching? if you're willing to torrent (some people for some reason aren't) i can probably point you in the right direction
Just don't.
If you want to discuss this do it in private between you two.

I don't want any problems as part of konachan is still in USA, and they don't really need much of a reason to shutdown a website like in Europe were they would need a court order (at least for now).
Signing petitions does not solve problems, acting solves problems. either stop voting for morons or make legislation they try to pass, invalid.

Support the meshnet, a decentralized network for transferring information. It is still very very very early in development, but when the people working on it start to have some software that will run on some hardware, start setting some nodes up. this network is call the hyperboria i believe.

They will never stop trying to pass these bills, just cut them off at the source, there is no dealing with the "representatives", all we can do is make it impossible for any of this legislation to work. if anyone wants more information. keep an eye on this project and have reasonable expectations. obviously a site like konachan will not be able to run on the network for several years, if the network gets made at all.