TommyGunn said:
Forgot to update, but yeah he offered to pay. Managed to talk them down to $600 some as well. I just kind of feel bad for it after he was here as a favor.
Don't feel bad, this is really no different from a "friend" offering to house sit and then throwing an open house party which trashes the house - Bueller's Day Off. Surely this is not the first time he pirated music/videos. He was probably thinking, ok, this is probably the first time from this IP address, it will be overlooked. The fact is, tracking pirated music/video in the US is big business. Whatever your friend down loaded most likely could have been bought from Amazon for 1/10 the fine. These companies that track "illegal" downloads are raking in the money.You either pay or they jugulate you in lawsuits. Yup, the land of the free.
He might've been there as a favor, but he DID fuck you over.

As for my day, I got a nice book in the mail today. A late gift. I love it. It's a photo book.

I've noticed too that I've been singing and dancing a lot more than usual. Both are really, really fun. Dancing is especially fun, because I do stupid dances.

I also taught my mom about Aokigahara in Japan. She had no idea such a place even existed. It horrified her.
I got stuck in my room again this morning so my dad straight up just took the knob off. First he handed me a knife under the door to try and move the latch but it wasn't budging.

So now I have a knobless bedroom door. XD