Kiho said:
I cannot believe that <Shawn of the dead> is not on your list!
Loses steam after they make it to the pub.
ever watch the house by the cemetery?
most recent zombie film i watched was shivers... for a movie based on a parasite that turns the host into a sex zombie, there wasn't any dirty scenes. i feel so let down by that aesthetic
Is a sex zombie a zombie that has sex, or a brainwashed person who only does sex? Cuz the first one is necrophilia, and Emmy don't play with no necrophilia.
kokiriloz said:
ever watch the house by the cemetery?
I love Fulci but despise that movie because of that fucking kid. I don't know if it was just because of the English dub making him annoying or what, but I wanted him to violently die.
Seems like the new GitS movie isn't fairing well in the reviews department.
Good. Maybe this trend of anime adaptations will stop if studios realize they won't sell. Some nigger is already trying to make a live action Akira.
They're making a live-action Death Note movie for Netflix too.

Huh... Willem Defoe is voicing Ryuk. That's kinda cool.
I suggest everyone to watch Prestige and Book Thief, great story and perfect actor play, 10/10
@emery, they were alive but being controlled by the parasites, not necessarily brainwashed
kokiriloz said:
@emery, they were alive but being controlled by the parasites, not necessarily brainwashed
As long as they're not rotting corpses. :p

And thanks for answering me too.
Freenight said:
Dark Tower trailer

Those bastards.
What is that, a live action adaptation of SAO season 2?
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was the last straw for me. I'm done with super hero movies.
It took you this long to come to that conclusion, Cade? Except for the comic series staring Sylvester Stallone (Judge Dread, Demolition Man) which I classify as comedies, these super hero movies stretch "suspension of belief" a full turn past shear.
Suspension of belief has nothing to do with it. I expect dumb camp in comic book movies, it's just that this was the most obnoxious thing I've ever sat through in a theatre.

But on a better note, I watched a great SOV monster movie called ''Death Row Diner'' where the ghost/zombie of a executed movie producer rises from the dead and murders a film crew shooting in the prison he was killed in. Was very Troma-esque in that it was just goofy and tongue-in-cheek.
Watched Koe no Katachi today. The most high quality/detailed anime movie I've seen till now. Recommended for both visuals and story.