Davis_500 said:
i had an N64 and a super-nintendo and those games were like bricks; only, like, 10 would fit in a shoebox, and eventually i would just run out of space in my armoire. even games for gameboys wouldn't all fit in the carry case i had. same deal with the psp and their UMD's.
i was thinking with the rise of usb drives, gaming platforms would migrate their games to that, but i suppose sony's vita card(which is kinda like an sdcard, imo) will do as well. though, like Sci said, you'd have to take extra responsibility in not losing it. perhaps having one 32GB card installed and downloading games from online onto it would work?
Several ways to not lose it. Either never take it out of the Vita, put it back into the case it came in, or get a new carrying case that you could put them in along with a memory card.

I'm very worried about losing the memory cards more than the game cards. My god those are tiny.
Bardiche752 said:
I'm very worried about losing the memory cards [...]
Geh... Don't remind me. I still can't find my MemoryStick with my JPN game saves on it. I had A LOT of gameplay invested in those savegames, dammit. I need to find out... *sigh*
I had a mem card out of my 360 and my nephew came and told me he had drowned it in juice.
I was transferring my profile to another XBox at the time too. 800 hours worth of data lost.
Xavier said:
I was transferring my profile to another XBox at the time too. 800 hours worth of data lost.
The golden rule: Make sure have a back up.

But yeah not always things turn out as it should... It's a pain to lose those hard work of data -.-
Well they say hindsight is 20/20....
Looks like EA and Bioware gets a lot of shit now because of this new DLC. I got mixed feelings on this regard after have read both sides on this one.
FoliFF said:
Looks like EA and Bioware gets a lot of shit now because of this new DLC. I got mixed feelings on this regard after have read both sides on this one.
Ya i'm debating not buying the game because of what the took out of the game and put it as a DLC for 10 bucks. If there's anyone who has played the previous Mass Effect games i think you'll be pretty mad when you know that the thing you get when you pay the 10 bucks is a Prothean( not sure if i spelled that right.

Here a video that explains just about everything. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri0vrJ-y2zM

Also if there is any Borderlands fans you should know that there's going to be a Borderlands 2 coming out. Here's a video for the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8GbEvsk3_8
Well I'm kinda tierd of this dlc shit going back and forth but I wasn't suprised by that. Seen that vid and I can agree his arguments. But there is one thing TotalHalibut forgot to mention and that it was a diffrent team that made the dlc.
Beside imho boycott a game is going to far.

Sometimes trailers sure share same music on their trailers. Armored Core V same song lol
I could care less about dlc that adds new characters or weapons to the game.

..unless it makes an "insanity" playthrough a little easier. Hmm.
HOW COULD THEY! Are Game Freak running out of colours or what?
Artwork said:
New pokemon announced.

Pokemon Black and White 2
And it's for DS, I would have expected them to put it for 3DS but no. lol
Yeah, that's a real let down.

I was waiting for a 3ds pokemon. Not like rumble blast. The old fashioned rpg pokemon. A remake of red/blue would have been awesome.

But like it was said, this is the first actual sequel to a pokemon game. So who knows.
Artwork said:
-snip A remake of red/blue would have been awesome.
Ahh that brings back memories. I still have my old school Game Boy Color both red and blue games.
Anyone here play Team Fortress 2?
Playing Dragon's Lair on NES... This Game is horrible! Very difficult! The little monsters kill you in 1 hit! The hero can't jump very far and he is sloooooow! This is the worst game i ever played, but this is just for fun to laugh at that incompetent developers!
@people who are playing Pokemon Blue/Red: the life of the save batteries of cartridges is nearly spent...
So I ordered this game Blades of Time, which is a spiritual sequal to X-Blades, which was a good game IMO (not bad but not too great either). This game will be released on the 31st of March, which is weird because that's a Saturday and we all know games come out on Tuesday. What's even more weird is Gamestop emailed me that they just shipped the game. I think they didn't know when this game was actually coming out and then it did and now they're shipping it, since it shipped today instead of either Monday or Tuesday.

I swear it feels like it'd be the same for Diablo 3 or the next Starcraft expansion, whichever pointlessly comes first within this first half-century.
Xavier said:
I have it installed but i don't like it.
While I'm confused how you dislike TF2, at least you answered.
Bardiche752 said:
And man, I like EvE online, but to level in that game realisticly is a downer to me, as I feel it would take years to do anything good (with a kick ass ship).
There is no real "kick ass ship" (save for the Machariel maybe). You are able to do meaningful stuff in PvP within a couple of days and you are able to turn a good profit after roughly a month, as long as you understand the game mechanics and use your brain a little :)

The trick is concentrating on something, like Mining/Production, Research/Production, Trade or Battleships/Their respective armor/shield and weapon skills. The most common mistake is to learn everything a little (I did this) and nothing very far, so it feels like eternity until you can do stuff.

Leveling Skills in EvE is actually quite refreshing imho. It may bug you a bit at first but after some time you are very happy it is that way. You don't need to grind anything to gain skill levels and at some point, you start seriously wondering what to learn next (which is why I maxed the Battleship skills of Minmatar, Amarr, Caldari AND Gallente, including T2 Pulse/Beam Lasers and T2 Autocannons). Currently I'm aiming for Combat Recon Ships (the Curse, mainly, that Ship is lovely). I invested a lot in research and production, too (roughly 7 million SP) and my overall SP is 55 million (I have been playing for a while ;))
Just got Mass Effect 3. Lots of mixed feelings so far. Lovin' the gameplay and my Shepard looks bad ass with the new graphics.
Finished playing ME3 and now I can see why many are deeply disappointed in it. However for my part it is a satisfactory how it all ended. Not the best but a nice end for the trilogy.
So I'm playing Tales of Graces F, which so far is awesome, and I just got my first Magic Carta (unique items to certain areas). It just happened to be Stahn's carta. Funny that it's the first one I get.
Can't start on ToGF until i finish either ME3 or Xenoblade :\
Should be done with one of them by the weekend.

Also, play Journey.
Journey was the ps3 downloadable right?
I saw a review about it, it looked absolutely beautiful.
I hopefully wil be getting ToGF and Nepu mk2 for the weekend to play. Doubtful, but hoping. ACV releases next week. I think I want to read a review of it first before I commit to it, much like AC:AH (which I didn't buy due to all the new gameplay mechanics. Fuck you, DFM.) ACV seems to have a bigger MP-focus to it and I don't care for MP much at all. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I plan game to get away from people, not deal with dumbass strangers I never would've cared for in the first place.
I've been playing Mass Effect 3 for a couple days now and i can say that i love it. They added a lot more comedy in it and i like on how they bring back the other characters from ME1 and ME2.
Only thing that bad with Mass effect 3 is that the ending sucked like hell...
Artwork said:
Journey was the ps3 downloadable right?
I saw a review about it, it looked absolutely beautiful.
It is!