It was a miracle he lived as long as he did, really.
TommyGunn said:
tearing of clothing and screaming at the moon
We should expect alot more werewolves now that Hawking' s evil has been released from his material vessel.
Man. Imagining a werewolf straight up screaming at a full moon instead of howling is pretty damn funny.
otaku_emmy said:
Man. Imagining a werewolf straight up screaming at a full moon instead of howling is pretty damn funny.
I imagine they would sound like this
I was thinking more in the line of some YouTube overreaction tier screaming. XD
Did you guys know that Jesus HAD A BONER WHEN HE DIED?!

More accurately, a post mortem priapism (also called "angel lust" or a death erection).

Many renaissance paintings of Christ on the cross even included that detail, but the Catholic church swept them under the rug for hundreds of years.

I was doing some reading about things our bodies CAN do after we die, and I learned some really interesting stuff.
Stop trying to debase the divine.
I'm not. I just thought it was buckwild. Especially the fact that he was even painted in such a state.

It said it was common for people who were crucified to develop death erections. It also happens with hangings.
Happy April, fools.
Happy Easter, Thomas.

I hope the Easter bunny brought everyone something nice. Although I don't know if ya'll really get baskets anymore. I was told it's not a very common thing.

I at least hope you guys are having a nice Easter dinner.
No basket here. Did make cinnamon rolls though...
i am sorry, everyone. but for personal reasons i have left the discord group, and will be inactive in these forums. you guys have been there through 7 years of my life, and you've been the best family and friends i could of asked for. this website has given me a place i can call home, and where i can fit in without holding back.

but now is the time to move on, whether i like it or not. good luck! and koki out!

(one last thing, this user has an explicit avatar, and it's frustrating me - )
End of an era.
We never really got close, but you were pretty much one of the best and nicest ladies I knew online.

I hope you have a full and happy life, Koki.
If you'd have gotten close to her, you'd know better than to call her nice.
Let's put it this way: of all the females (of dubious gender or not) I've come across in my day-to-day surfing of the web, she has been one of the least toxic and attention hungry people I've seen.

So I just shortened it and said she was "nice".

That good enough, Cade?
Aaah I'm a bit late buuuut happy late easter!
I don't got any baskets anymore but a little milka rabbit.
Was a delicious one :>

Koki, I didn't know you but I wish you all the best of luck!
Milka is pretty awesome. My favorite is the Oreo one :)

And what is your favorite holiday?
I love the feeling the lights the snow (usually not snowing on christmas ...), food, gifts and the nostalgic moments.
And what's yours? :3
This is a slight modification of the question, but I think the best CHOCOLATE is the UK Cadbury chocolate. The OG kind.

See, the Cadbury that's sold in the US is technically a different recipe, and thus not even the same chocolate.
I would assume everything labeled as "Made in the USA" has a very distinct taste to it, very different from those made in Europe.
Well, this being the case with Nutella at least. The Nutella made in the USA is heavily saturated with sugars and some other stuff compared to the ones from EU which are more heavy on the cocoa and non-sugars.
Exactly. The diabolical Hershey's company bought the rights to make and sell Cadbury in the US, but legally they're not allowed to use the same recipe as the real stuff. So it's "Cadbury" in name only.

You can totally taste the difference too. UK chocolate is way better. They have more interesting candy bars as well, like those Crunchie bars. We don't have anything remotely like that here.

I feel that Europe in general makes better chocolate. Even a lot of the fancy chocolatiers and candy makers in the US use only chocolate made in European countries.
Yes, I'm basically shitting on the USA here. Admit it, your food regulations are shite.
That's not so much "shitting on" as making an accurate assessment of the state of affairs here. :p

But, like you said, there are some exceptions to that rule. Some places put a lot of love and effort and thought in to what they make for people. Granted, they're not big companies or chains.

That thing you said about the fisherman's soup reminded me of this one restaurant I saw on a travel show (it was in the States). It's run by a Korean family, and one of the head chefs is the maternal head of the family; an elderly lady. The recipe for one of their main dishes is so closely guarded that she makes the food in a different, closed off room and passes it through a square opening in the door when it's ready to serve. Only she and a few other members of the immediate family are ever allowed in the room.
What about Lindt?
I love their pralines!
Mhh, marzipan with orange liqueur ♥
That's the one!
Chocolates are also a very traditional and important part of celebrations in Russia and there are a number of very famous chocolate factories - Red October comes to mind, I am enjoying one of their creations as I type this ;) It is expected, that when entertaining guests, to have a bowl with a selection of various small individually wrapped chocolates on the table. I don't often buy these because they are hard to resist.

The Koreans also have some very nice chocolates (by Lotte). They make a really nice cookie wafer partially coated in chocolate, so it does not melt on your fingers. Very thoughtful of them. ;)
I'd love to try Ukrainian or Russian chocolate, but Amazon doesn't really have a great selection. I haven't had the opportunity to try many Korean or Japanese chocolates. I've had Choco Pies, but those are just alright. The best one I've had so far are the Meiji Apollo strawberry chocolates. Those are tasty little boogers. Oh, and the green tea flavored Kit Kats are pretty good too. They're not too strongly flavored.
Wanted to buy the matcha kit kats but they are so expensive here.
I don't want to waste so many money if I don't like them.

Had some Meiji creation too.
It's a really good brand :3
I was lucky to try the Kit Kat when I got one of those boxes of various Asian snacks (I sometimes get them on special occasions; it's not a monthly thing). It had one green tea and one raspberry Kit Kat. I disliked the raspberry one.
Ah, you are so lucky to get that!
The Kit Kat Matcha costs here 6-7 Euro mhh might be arround 8 dollars I think.
And the raspberry one wasn't good, you say?
Not good, I usually love raspberry..