Then here are 29 posts to check: source:*tumblr* width:1280
I'll check the rest if is okay
I checked these 29, lpip deleted his wallpapers from tumblr and other wallpapers apparently were not modified

post #241854larger version

post #219891larger version

post #215948larger version (but the quality is bad, looks like a resizing with some program)

post #215171larger version (but the quality is bad too)

post #214452 (was deleted from tumblr)

post #214227larger version (but the quality is bad)

post #213856larger version (but the quality is bad)

post #213275larger version

post #213261larger version

post #212906larger version

post #207725larger version

post #207724larger version

post #1956028x5 pixels difference

post #131767 (I did not find on tumblr)

post #212907larger version
Was going to upload an image but after a moment looking at it, I really think something is odd with it.

What do you think about it?
The dog is in a really awkward position. It's like it's laying on its side and standing at the same time. (+ no shadow)
Yeah, it's definitely the dog.
I think these wallpapers have been upscaled, @Mods, what do you think?
From a cursory glance at VNDB, the games seem to have been released in 1280x720, so perhaps they were.
So, not only has my connection been far worse than usual lately, the recent changes to this site's code have broken every single script I use to display thumbnails for deleted posts. I no longer see them in the history, the deleted index, or the post search results...

A member (Ayanoreku) uploaded 25 images and then deleted them all. After trying for several minutes, I managed to somewhat check the last one deleted. The resolution is the same as the versions on Danbooru and I can see from the sample that the content isn't an issue. And based on the top 10% of the full size image, I think the quality is typical of the scans we allow.

Could the mods please go through these posts and undelete any they would normally approve?

Yes sir.

Ain't got nothin' better to do.

Update: Only one met our guidelines (the one you saw).
So I should assume that in the future there will be no more or few wallpapers from wlop here right? since all of his wallpapers are full of artifacts and it's difficult to remove without losing a lot of quality or some will be exception? anyway, It's complicated when it comes to wlop.
For him it's kind of different because so much of the artifacting is covered up by the texture of the paint itself. I can barely see anything in his images. I left that other one alone because I can't see anything at all. But in the other two is was pretty noticeable. Granted I had to put my laptop up to my face.
Okay, I understand, with him it's difficult to have something as a base to know what is acceptable because of the quality of his upload.