Important info for winners of the monthly giveaway
If you have not gotten your box thus far please send me your information again including the month you won for. (last month's box should not be there yet I think)
PM'ed you. Had to look back the month in which I won, ha ha.
Apparently that was in May, so it's been 7 months-ish.

Just out of curiousity, but I am assuming the issue got fixed.
What exactly was going on at j-list side? If you don't feel like writing it out here, a PM would work as well.

Thanks bud!
It would be great if this problem is finally resolved \o/
PM sent. It has been a few months indeed. I hope it will be resolved soon so I can destroy my teeth with sweets ^_^
Just to double check, I have received information for 5 people so far. Is that everyone? I'm making sure before I sent the email.

EDIT: 6 now.