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[CANCELLED] J-list Japanese Snack Box monthly giveaway! (March 2017)
Sadly this giveaway is cancelled until further notice. There's a short explanation here. I once again apologize for this. :(

Snacks wooo! We will be giving away one Japanese Snack Box for the month of March! This is a RANDOM BOX OF SNACKS! It's different every month.

This month we'll have no quotas or limits, it will be truly random draw!

To participate in this month's giveaway share what your favourite thing about spring is! For me that's the rain and just... freshness of everything!

The morning of April 10th we'll pick a random participant out of everyone who will be required to provide the information below. DO NOTE - you do NOT need to send information if you're not the winner.

If you win you have the next two days (roughly 48 hours) to provide this information so that I can relay it to J-list shortly after:

  • Accurate email address
  • Mailing address
  • Name
You will be required to send this information to me so that I can pass it on to J-list. There are no codes like previous giveaways we've done. This is going to be directly sent so make sure the information you provide is accurate. Rest assured that the information provided will not be used for anything other then to give J-list a recipient for this box. Your personal information is safe with us.

Keep in mind that delivery times might vary depending on amount of orders that J-list has to process at the time.

Note: We're going over the original year so keep track of when you've won in the past and apply accordingly if it's been an year.

EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE TO ENTER! There are no age restrictions and all staff can participate in the giveaway as well!

Please send any questions or inquiries directly to me here or on [email protected] (Please use Dmail instead of replying to this topic with questions. Any non-entries or repeated entries will be cleared in order to keep everything tidy).

All of the ideas in the discussion topic (found here) are being taken into account. If you have further comments or ideas you can send them directly to me or keep posting in that topic.

Good luck! :D
My favorite thing about spring is definitely not spring itself. Bloody thing and its cold mornings and hot afternoons..... I guess you could say it's the day weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Of course, Alaron, you'd understand. British people and generally those up north will never understand.
I live in a tropical country, so we only have either summer or winter (excruciating heat or monsoon like rain) but during the transition days weather is pretty good, usually cloudy but cooler all day long and with light rains on the afternoon and night that's what i like =P
We'll have to cancel this last month giveaway because of how the timing worked out. I apologize once again, there's a short post explaining why. Thank you all for your participation over the last many months and I hope you enjoy your candy. Please direct any comments to the new thread.