I prefer boneless too, but I don't know if they truly count as "wings" at that point. :p

Man, I love chicken tenders too. Like, chicken tender plates where you get coleslaw and fries with it. It's been forever since I've had any though.
Eating around a bone is a bit tedious, never liked boned foods. Boneless Hooters hot wings, on the higher end of the heat scale and you've got an incredible, mouth burning goodness.
I've never been to Hooters. I'd like to go though, just to say I have and to see what it's like.
Bird bones are soft enough to chew. I eat that shit like a straight savage.
That's why dogs love them!
Dogs have a considerably higher bite force than a human being though.

That was my main source of puzzlement.
Linear progression. Gotta start with small game birds and work your way up.
The rare indulgence of boiled crawfish today. It's a local crop but I eat it like once every 5 years maybe.
Boiled outside, in a cast iron cauldron, fire built by rubbing kindling on his abdominals. Anything less is for pussies.
Cade said:
The rare indulgence of boiled crawfish today. It's a local crop but I eat it like once every 5 years maybe.
I think he was talking about a crawfish boil. Gumbo is totally different. It's more like a stew that's served over rice.
Gumbo is more of a soup than stew.
Wikipedia says it's a stew.

Also: "In theory, a soup is a combination of vegetables, meat or fish cooked in liquid. A stew is any dish that's prepared by stewing - that is, the food is barely covered with liquid and simmered for a long time in a covered pot."

I said stew because gumbo reminds me of Brunswick stew.

Either way, Kiho misunderstood what dish you were talking about. You're just being a bish and splitting hairs.
I'll break whoever the fucking New Orleans Creole faggot that wrote that wiki over my knee. It's a soup.
Either way it's not a crawdad booooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiil.

How do crawfish taste compared to other shellfish?
So how does gumbo, soup, stew and broth compare with each other? (~O_O)~
Cade said:
I'll break whoever the fucking New Orleans Creole faggot that wrote that wiki over my knee. It's a soup.
And here I thought you said you were not into MMA!

I mentioned Gumbo because of a scene in <Angel Heart> where a big bucket of crawfish was dumped into a huge boiling caldron of gumbo being prepared at a fair.
I'm drinking tea. I haven't eaten anything today because is just gone past 9AM. I'm going to eat cereal though, as for tonight that's too far away.
Drinking milka coffee and gonna eat baked potato with sour cream.
Thought I'd share one of my finest creations, and I don't cook. I don't really know how to cook a lot of things at all and this isn't even complicated at all.

Anyway, pull out the skillet grill thing and throw on two (or six, four for later, two to eat fresh) burger patties and go on like normal. Give them a light powdering of seasoned salt on both sides of the patties and continue to cook them like normal. When they are done, drop them on a bun with cheese and whatever else you like on your burgers, for me it's just cheese, ketchup and mustard.

What makes this different from anything else? Diced jalapenos! That's really it. Sprinkle those between the buns generously and it's fantastic. Seasoned salt too, not everyone uses that at all so it adds to the flavor.

I dig hot and spicy foods, but putting hot sauce on a burger is awful. Just 5+ years later and I figured to try this instead. Well, that's it.
Today I discovered a Limited Edition flavor of Thomas' English muffins. They are Maple French Toast.

I shall have one in the morning and report back with my findings.
I made chocolate chip peanutbutter cookies. I also spent 3 hours cooking ribs then forgot to refrigerate them when I left home for the weekend...
Awww, the cookies are cute.

And that sucks. :/ I definitely wouldn't risk it after a whole weekend. A sausage patty left in the microwave overnight, sure, but not ribs after a whole weekend.

I love ribs, but we only ever makes the "country style" kind. They always have so much fat on them. I like baby back ribs, but they're a lot more expensive.

The best ribs I ever had were probably these Tony Roma ribs. They come pre sauced. They were so tender and sweet and nice.
I like to cook, but my experiments tend to leave people almost dead.... this was a loooong time ago (phone cameras have improved a lot since 2013 lol) and my friends baptized it the "Artery Killer"...

More recently I developed the "Double Heart Attack" (need a better phone lol)
Basic but cup noodles !
There are these mushrooms that my favorite Chinese place makes and they are my constant craving. The dish is "roast pork with mushrooms" but it's really 95% mushroom. For some stupid reason, they cook it differently between lunch and supper so I can only get the kind I like at lunch. The meat and mushrooms are sauteed in this slightly sweet, kind of garlicky brown sauce. I love it so much.