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Remove terrible ads
These ads are asking me to fuck Granny's.

There not even anime Granny's.

High quality ads please. Like jlist

Old Granny's really kill the mood.
Your concern has been noted, and the situation is being worked on by the administrators. Your patience is appreciated.

...That sounded super cooperate.

alaron said:
If you do find bad malware ads make sure you message me immediately with a link to the ad, your browser (chrome desktop, mobile, Firefox, etc) and location (country) and we'll report then and get them removed as quickly as we can.
Thank you for fast respond.
Half a year ago we noticed something with the ads not redirecting properly to jlist, since I had such a long relation with jlist I decided to give them half a year of free advertisements so for the past 6 months I haven't gotten a single penny and paid billing out of my own pockets.

Jlist decided the turnover wasn't big enough anymore and our contract was terminated. I'm trying to find a better advertiser but for the meantime something is going to have to generate revenue. I currently left .net ad free though.

The ads currently on the site are from the exoclick network and they range from games to pills to granny's, not much I can do about it. They are however a trusted network so even if the ads are distasteful to you they are safe.