Bizarre Fetish Thread
Has anyone ever had a fetish (Sexual or otherwise) that's pretty far flung from other people's mainstream "interests" even by fetish standards? Maybe you're into collarbones or have a thing for girls wearing sweaters? Perhaps you're drawn in by giant plush toys or even guys completely covered in tattoos? I'm curious as to the weird interests some users here that other "normal" people would see no appeal in. Feel free to discuss openly, but let's try and keep it relatively clean if we can. (^_^)'

I might as well start:
For some odd reason I am attracted to girls wearing face masks. Be it a flu mask, a ninja mask, or any other kind of material that obstructs the lower half of a girl's face, I find myself fixated. Psychologically speaking, maybe I'm drawn to the inherit "mystery" the mask creates. Like a gift wrapped package bursting with exciting possibilities. Either that or the fetish is stemmed from some kind of social anxiety and the mask just helps level the playing field when talking face to face with someone. And it seems I'm not the only one out there who seems to be interested in face masks either.
I love men's hands, women's armpits (shaved of course), men's necks/throats, men's forearms, backs (men and women), the Adonis belt, rape play, dom/sub stuff, public dirty stuff (but on the down-low). Since I've never had sex, I can only say that I like the IDEA of those latter things, and they're the things I think about on the rare occasion I do have those thoughts.

I've really fetishized touch for some reason. I think about that way more than sex.

I also have a huge obsession and fixation on physical appearance and beauty. It's not so much sexual though. It's an aesthetic thing. BUT if someone has an ugly attitude and lives a degenerate life then they lose all appeal to me. So I require substance as well as visual appeal.

Edit: Oh, forgot stomachs.
I feel like listing mine is a bit boring. I mean, you guys already know about them.
Mute anime girls. I don't know why, but I find them really cute. Too bad it's not a very common trait in anime and games, but at least I can mod them into some games.
Is liking facial hair even weird anymore? I get a real lady boner for a good beard or scruff or 5-'o-clock shadow.

But it's gotta look good, you know? Trimmed, but not too sculpted.

I have a huge thing for eyes too but, again, that might not be that weird. I really love deep brown eyes. They're the beeeeeest.
otaku_emmy said:
I really love deep brown eyes.
Tommy's are sure as heck nice!
kokiriloz said:
Tommy's are sure as heck nice!
Yeah, he's a handsome guy. Nice to be around too.
My shame
Not really bizarre, but an excellent choice Cade.

I bet cuddling is really great. I like thinking about touching and cuddling and hugging the most. I'd like to try being hugged and held in the hug for a little while.

Ooo, I like the idea of a guy using my lap as a pillow too. And I could play with his hair or something.
otaku_emmy said:
Not really bizarre
That was the joke, dumbass.
Ohhhhhhhh. I didn't get it. It was situational bizarreness because something that normal and sweet wouldn't normally come out of you.

Good joke.
Ya'll know my fetishes. Though i do have a couple i haven't shared before >;3
It's not really a fetish, but sometimes I wish I could set a building on fire or destroy stuff. I wish I could go in a grocery store and wreck the place. Or an ABC store and smash all the bottles.
i guess it's bizarre if you see what and how he usually talks. (Cade)

fetishes: you can list them, other than gay stuff (but submisibe traps). But i cant back them up other than with hentai 8)
Thought of another one:

Anime girls with wide-ass foreheads.
otaku_emmy said:
Anime girls with wide-ass foreheads.
Midou Madoka?
Zolxys said:
Midou Madoka?
*goes to Google*


I like Heian-style eyebrows too. On anime chickies.
Eye bags on women and collarbones in general.
These aren't fetishes, they're just physical attributes you consider attractive.
I think collarbones are sexy.

Guys with mean or sad looking faces are sexy too.
I think all of my fetishes are pretty tame, maid outfit, school uniform, that kind of stuff.
I don't talk with people about this kind of stuff enough to know if this is weird or not but for some reason I'm not really turned on by naked women, cute lingerie is what gets me going, like thigh highs with pretty panties with a matching bra.