Different from what? This is a wallpaper website. We don't accept a lot of things, and we have a high standard of quality. People upload things and it either gets approved or it doesn't. It has nothing to do with favoritism. I approve things all the time that I don't necessarily like or find appealing. It's not about "preferences". If it were based on the whims of individual mods, shit would be deleted all the time with petty reasons being given or things that SHOULDN'T be approved would get approved because someone liked it on a personal level.

As for the game CGs you've mentioned, which have nothing to do with your initial complaint, I haven't approved them because I personally have trouble seeing JPEG artifacts sometimes. So I've left them for someone else to look at. Nothing that is in limbo is being actively ignored. I literally look at every new image that's uploaded. If something is obviously not worth approving, I delete it. But since I know I can't speak for everyone, I leave certain things for others to look at. That's how moderating works. This isn't MY site, and it's not YOUR site. We can't all have our own ways.