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I can't comprehend how marvelous this broken moon looks, the idea is brilliant
If she's on Earth, she isn't going to be smiling for much longer.

Earth’s rotation is about to speed up by as much as -12 to -16 hours per day, due to the law of angular momentum. Drastically increasing gravity (imagine trying to walk with 40 lb. boots on). Kiss normal tidal frequency and force goodbye and the heating and cooling effect to almost flip flop, as well as the planet's wobble in orbit around the sun. Lastly, there are the moon parts that will be drawn in to our atmosphere and what's left of the moon will shield us less from impacts. This is NOT a scenario to smile about...
Animeticklesmytoes said:
If she's on Earth, she isn't going to be smiling for much longer.
Maybe she's not on Earth...but on her house in outer space!
Maybe her house is actually even built on one of those broken off moon fragments?
I appreciate the science lesson all the same ATMT.
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