beek breasts cleavage group hatsune_miku kagamine_len kagamine_rin kaito male megurine_luka meiko thighhighs vocaloid wings

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I might be blind but... I don't see Gumi anywhere here.
There are 6 tags and six characters, so by process of elimination the one at the top left was tagged as Gumi here. There's nothing on the pixiv post pertaining to her identity. I'm guessing that's actually meiko though...

Edit: *Changing tag to Meiko based on probability*
If anyone has a better guess, speak up.
Yeah I'd say that's Meiko for sure. And I just have to say their outfits are all really cute here. Especially Miku's; I wish I could find something like that in real life...though I think most people would find it a bit strange.
I dont see where it would say in the tags that it say Gumi , because it doesnt...
I guess you didn't see my last comment where I said, "*Changing tag to Meiko based on probability*". Though you really should check the Post history before making comments like that.
Things to consider:
  • All these Voclaoids are also Crypton chars.
    • Gumi is from AH Software.
    • If Kaito is in an image, Meiko is usually the companion (and vice versa) as both are first gen Vocaloids from Crypton.
  • Gumi has green hair canonically (and keeps it in most depictions). You can't miss that.
If anyone can refute the above and convince us Gumi is in this image, feel free. I have no clue how Gumi would've been tagged here anyway.
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