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Her breasts look like an ass in that one spot, lol.
That is in fact the reason oversized breasts evolved in humans. When we started walking upright the women needed an attraction that looked like buttocks.
That's a lot of honey O_O
onisonfire said:
That's a lot of honey O_O
Is that what it's supposed to be?
otaku_emmy said:
Is that what it's supposed to be?
I think so, based on the glob in her hand if nothing else.

Figured it was a river of honey :P
Hmm... The artist deleted the long description he had on pixiv. But the title is still there.


Honey would be normally be 蜂蜜 (hachimitsu). 蜜 is a kanji rarely seen on it's own (at least in Japanese) and 蜜林 doesn't form a standard word either. 蜜林 would most likely be read mitsurin or mirin (not to be confused with 味醂) and would mean something like honey (or nectar) forest (or grove).
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