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Yes...Look at the model number on it forehead crest and the "wings" on it's back.
Its a giant robot...why would'nt i admire it?
I hope there are more pictures about Freedom Gundam!
It's the most cool gundam I think!
why did they write "dieci" instead of "Ten"?
("dieci" in italy mean ten.... O.ò)
Because they can...? It's not like they HAD to use English. *shrug*
Because they have the right to. They have the right to choose in whichever language they want to write it. They also have the right to do everything they want with whatever they draw or work on/with.
Never question yourself or others of ones decision to use words from languages other than English. English might be an international language, but it's not the only language in the world. And artists or editors/vectorers (or whatever) come from different parts of the world. Whatever image you see here has a 95% of being drawn by a Japanese artist. 20%~30% for the artist to be Chinese. And 10%~25% for the artist to be Russian. 10%~15% for the artist to be from other countries.

If you're a patriot, please do tell and I'll understand.
....I'm confused on those statistics. I'm used to them adding to a hundred...but what do you mean when the smallest possible is 135% ?
All statistics are arbitrary. Tensa's just trying to prove a point. Looks like this topic hit another nerve of his...^_^;
i made that question because i'm italian and i didn't understand why they wrote dieci instead of ten....
now i know that was only a decision of the artist....
i believed that the pilot of that gundam was italian or something like that....
thanks to all and sorry for the "up".
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