blindfold blue_hair bondage detroit_metal_city gag glasses guitar hiiragi_kagami hiiragi_tsukasa instrument izumi_konata long_hair lucky_star parody purple_hair takara_miyuki white_hair

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What the hell just happened?
naked metal 9_9 6_6 .... no more comments
DMC (naked woman version) :D :D :D
I can see Kotana singing metal, but Kagami, I can't see her agreeing to this.
Cuda007 said:
I can see Kotana singing metal, but Kagami, I can't see her agreeing to this.

Well, this fulfills my daily recommended dose of Whiskey Tentacle Foxtrot. Off I go now.

Is some creepy shit.
Oh dear lord what. This is so much creepy win.
I think my head just exploded...(x_x)
I'd love to see a music video for this, it would be funny as hell.
The guy who drew this had a depressive breakdown.... hopefully that's over now .... x(
why miyuki-san came along?..... "I though she was a good girl with clumsiness"
DAMN izumi want to kill us ?her head scared me !hiiragi is the first...who's the next ?
detroit metal city reference?? it makes me think a lot about DMC

EDIT: haaa well after watching the tags, XD yes DMC
I have no words :D
......this is.... i really dunno...what to say...unexpected. i expect to see some strange stuff on this site but this...actually shocked me, and that's rare...interesting to say the least...
Well in the natural balance of things i would say this is, *Lucky star on crack with a massive upgrade into the hardcore Anime section*
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