aqua_hair breasts cleavage hatsune_miku no_bra open_shirt panties skirt skirt_lift striped_panties tie twintails underwear vocaloid yayoi_(egoistic_realism)

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there something right about this picture that i like... OH WAIT.
These kind of image good for vocaloid, no sex-scene porn or whatever

Approve ~! <3
This image just reeks of sexy, especially without the nudity. Funny how an anime image makes you want to buy the Vocaloid programs. If stupid U.S. manufactures would get a clue, they could sell 10 times more product if they would assign a anime character to it: Snickers mascots (collect all twelve), Anime styling gel (look like the anime girl on the bottle), Anime Coca' Cola cans: Go to for your own anime printable character, etc...Stupid stupid stupid American companies. Some days I'm ashamed to be American.
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