aki_(mare_desiderii) alice_margatroid cake chibi cirno ex_keine flandre_scarlet food fujiwara_no_mokou group hakurei_reimu hong_meiling hoshiguma_yuugi houraisan_kaguya ibuki_suika izayoi_sakuya japanese_clothes kamishirasawa_keine kirisame_marisa konpaku_youmu maid miko myon remilia_scarlet shameimaru_aya touhou

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Is that Flandre's feet sticking out by Sakuya...? Or is that Remilia stuck inside the cake...????

I can't image a group image like this with most of the Scarlet Mansion residents in it, but no Remilia....(Patchi's missing as well :( )
That cake. . . they're killing it! Oh well, least they're sorta sharing.
Marisa seems angry at the oni's D;
Respect Suika!
I'm pretty sure it's Remi's feet sticking out. Sakuya tends to be with Remilia more than Flandre.
And I'm guessing the reason Reimu's eaten 10 times as much as anyone else(It looks like it anyways) is that ability to never get fat from eating sweets... Cheater.
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