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A true work of art, i like this very much !
One day, and Fuji turned Japan into Mordor. (With Tokyo Tower in replace of the Eye, I guess)
Japan IS a volcanic island after all.
Truely awesome cataclysmic wallpaper
it's like a fantasy world in my imagine!!
Breathtaking detail and color, truly awesome.
What a nice piece of art! This is a symbolic to Japan. :D
Even when the land is barren, the seas are dried up and the sky is raining fire and brimstone, life will find a way.
I liked so much of the colors! Amazing art
Between Hawaï and Japan...
This picture screams "Never give up, even in the most desperate and hopeless situation"
this art is so wondreful so much :)
i can understand the inspiration this image is giving but with all that magma pouring out underneath the tree ( through the cracks ) one or both of two will happen:
1) the rock will give away.
2) the magma will catch the roots of the tree burning it inside out.
*buzz kill*
nice art . and the use of colors too.
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