I had no idea that "psychedelic folk" was a genre, and I had no idea that Cedric Bixler-Zavala was a part of such a band. I haven't listened to any full albums yet, but a few songs have definitely stuck out to me. Here is one such song:

Anywhere - Anywhere

Pretty cool name for a band too, imo.
These randomly generated YT playlists keep playing DGD songs and it's making me sad cuz Tim Feerick just died...
Silverstein released a new album.
Thousand Below got some new material too.
Noche De Brujas - Me Gusta Todo de Ti

I just got back from Bolivia like 5 days ago and i love this song. I used to sing this a looot <3
Tilian has an astounding talent of just completely deflating the energy out of every song. I won't miss him go e from DGD
Yeah I saw about that. Feels like a real tough time to be a member of DGD OR a fan right now.

Hopefully they can figure something out for themselves. The whole band doesn't deserve to go down in flames over this.

Edit: Woof. Some of these Instagram replies are kinda yikes. That's on me for looking at them though, I guess.
I watched that "Rubber Johnny" video by Aphex Twin and Chris Cunningham last night. I did not like it. Though I must admit Chris Cunningham is an immensely talented visual artist.
I got 4 songs into DGD's new album and tapped out for shitty basement recorded black metal demos instead.
All the new Mars Volta songs suck so far, and I don't know what to do with myself. This ain't TMV. I know it's been ten years and the boys have settled down and changed as people but what the fuck.
It's Daoko, Falco and Kino mostly for me. Those 3 are probably my favourite artists of all time, my playlists mostly consist of them with only a few songs from different artists stuffed in between.

If it's about less modern artists, I'd pick Beethoven, Strauß and Vivaldi
Sharing the 2022 drum & bass yearmixes:

Recommending Sleep Token, a British band that fuses pop and metal. The new album is amazing and an album of the year contender in my opinion.

The Summoning
Aqua Regia
Take Me Back To Eden
Jimmy Buffett's fucking dead. :(
Just asking for fun. What are your top 3 favorite music genres?

For me its:
1. Metalcore
2. Drum & Bass
3. J-Pop
Let's see.... I think if I had to choose it'd be:

1. Indie
2. Alternative
3. Post-hardcore

And J-Pop, K-Pop, and C-Pop get honorable mentions.
I have a love/hate relationship with post-hardcore. It's like I'm looking for a sound to scratch a specific itch that no band ever satisfies.
1.black metal
2.classic country
I think four of my most favoritest bands are all technically Indie. Animal Collective, Modest Mouse, Fleet Foxes, and Battles are "Indie". I guess they're considered "Alternative" too.

Those are very broad genres to be fair.
otaku_emmy said:
And J-Pop, K-Pop, and C-Pop get honorable mentions.
Do you have an example for C-Pop?
I listened to J-Pop and K-Pop before, but C-Pop is new to me.
Wellllllllll what I usually do if I'm in the mood for Chinese music is I search "Chinese pop" on YouTube Music (I lost my Spotify account so I just use the free desktop version of YouTube Music).

They have lots of different community curated playlists to pick from. And there's lots of compilation videos on YouTube itself. Since a lot of it's in Chinese I can't really list any specific artists.

This one's pretty good. I guess...the Chinese music I listen to is more akin to "city pop" or "oldies" or ballads but all that falls under the "pop" umbrella I believe.
the only chinese song i heard

my top 3

1. sertanejo
2. electronic music
3. jpop
My Spotify wrapped up sadly confirms that I'm no longer a metal head. I don't know what the fuck "bublegrunge" is but I'm mad I listened to it.