Artwork said:
Are you using Add block Plus? Stop/disable add block plus. It usually causes problems.
Also, just to be sure, did you try a forced refresh -> F5?
(human) Translation/Übersetzung:
Benutzt du Add block plus? Versuch mal Add block plus abzuschalten bzw. es zu deaktivieren. Es kommt damit häufiger zu Problemen. Außerdem, nur um sicher zu gehen, hast du mal versucht die Seite zu aktualisieren -> F5?

Cypress said:
Die Seite könnte "markiert" sein als "gefährlich" für Jugendliche.
Falscher browser'?(vllt. mit kindersicherung/jugendschutz)

Kann einige gründe geben.
english Translation:
The site may be "marked" to be "dangerous" for youths.
child-proof lock? [crappy translation I know, but I don't know how to translate this any better...]
wrong browser? (maybe with child-proof lock / youth protection)

there can be several reasons.

My Comments / Meine Kommentare:

I also think that it might be caused due to some AddOns in your browser. Try disabeling some of them (in Firefox: Extra -> Add-Ons) and refresh the page (F5). Maybe you also blocked all graphics from or something like that.
The site is definately not blocked from Germany, since for me (also from Germany) everything has been working fine from the first time I visited konachan.

Ich denke auch, dass die Probleme mit irgendeinem AddOn zu tun haben. Versuch mal einige deiner AddOns zu deaktivieren (in Firefox: Extras -> Add-Ons) und danach die Seite zu aktualisieren (F5). Vielleicht hast du auch irgendwo alle Grafiken von deaktiviert oder so etwas. Die Seite ist definitiv nicht gesperrt in Deutschland, da bei mir (auch aus Deutschland) alles bestens funktioniert seitdem ich das erste mal hier war.

About the alcohol, ... discussion:
In Germany you can buy any kind of alcohol when you are 18. Basically you can do anything you want (what's not against the law obviously) when you are 18 (except driving very fast motorcycles and becoming federal president, lol). A long time beer was ok to buy when you are 16, but they changed this a few years ago. The first time for me to buy "hard" alcohol was 16 though, nobody asked me about my identity card..
Also the youth protection law in germany is very strict, especially for games and tv shows. Basically every kind of blood has to be removed before it's published. Otherwise it will instantly be 18+ classified if and only IF it gets permission to be released at all.
This leads to some hilarious scenes in certain anime, for example Naruto (no, I don't watch that, a friend showed me) where Naruto puts his hands into a blood puddle of someone and then swears revenge for him. In the german version it looks like hes rubbing the dirt or something, because all the blood has been removed.
Totally retarded if you ask me...