Freedom to acces information and freedom to learn. They are all in front of those kids. What they do, is up to what parents taught and still teach them. Unless the kids can develop their neural system by themselves.
Internet, audio and video information, shows, etc. The reason the children are corrupt is not because of the respective, from which I just enumerated. It's because of parents, for not guiding them. And please don't misunderstand my word for "guiding".
I'm am but a simple highschooler. I've been exposing myself to anime and porn since I was 10. And now I got a very good career in front of me. My dad left me alone with my "way of life" since I started primary school. My mother was still telling me what and how up untill I started highschool, even thou I completely ignored every advice she had for me. Since I was born and up untill I was 10, I was a very active and self-centered, being rude and all. In terms of child education, I'm an audodidact. My genes came from two good people, my parents. I had the ability to learn by myself. If the other children can't do it, parent's are at fault. Not for what they are doing after their child is born (this is barely 20% of the reason), but for what they did before their child was born.
The so called "harmful materials" which the old people / parents consider bad for children, matured me faster than that so called... "safe life" or how do you call it.

I would like to write way more, but I would probably waste my time for the ones who read what I just wrote will not care and continue believing in whatever they believe.

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