There was no reason for it. It was only an act of mother nature. Mother nature is random and uncaring. Her wrath touches all with not concern for any reason what so ever. God is not one to do such a thing. God had nothing to do with this. And if you think otherwise, well, stop being so shallow. According to the bible God did want people to populate the earth, to exceed the number of stars and grains of sands or something like that. So, if this was God's act because of over population, that would meant the bible is wrong. Well...than again...while I believe in God, I do not believe in the bible. But my point still stands that its impossible for God to have done that due to "overpopulation" because that goes against what is taught in the bible.

This was not divine punishment. This was not karma. This was just a normal random act of nature. A few years back a large earthquake hit Chili. It was bigger than the one that hit Japan. The volcano in Washington (USA) which had been acting up recently had stopped its activities just before Japan's earthquakes. These are all connected (the Ring of Fire, The Pacific Rim), so my mom says there is a large chance that in a few years from now, the next one will hit either: California, Oregon, or Washington.

This is not divine punishment. Its all just natural disasters. Does that make it any less frightening or horrible? No, its still scary and horrible. But, its not God. For things like this, its best to prepare one self. And furthure more, God does not stop or start earthquakes, they are natural, he set up the earth as it is, and thus things happen automatically. He set them in motion eons ago, he does not control them, he lets them work naturally.