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Makai Tenshi Jibril
I don't know where to place this question elsewhere since there's no option to message someone. Ether way, I like MTJ as said here above. But I'd like to see someone fabricate her on a Sybian machine. Don't know if requests are common, but this is one. If possible, just let me know! :P
There is a messenging system here. It's called Dmail.

Requests aren't generally discussed around here unless someone makes an offer first. Also, most people on this site AREN'T the actual artists whose images are posted here, so asking for a request might be a little hard. At most, we have more editors and compositors than actual artists.
Never noticed, thanks anyway. But someone might know the actual artist, not? ;)
Which artist? And if you just want an image from a series formatted to match the screen of a Sybian (you mean Symbian? i.e. Cellphone?), all you need to do is crop and/or resize an image to the resolution of the screen. (You'd have to look up the display spec for your item though.) And decent image editor should be able to accomplish that. (Well, assuming you have any experience with image editing/manipulation at all.)

Or are you asking for a custom-designed image (like a commission)?
Custom designed indeed ;) And I meant the artist who makes those Jibril art. If you don't know what a Sybian is, use Google. Pretty obvious difference from Symbian :P
Almost all the Jibril images here are official art from the various studios involved with it. I highly doubt anyone from the studios bother with Konachan directly. Besides, they'd all be Japanese.

And since you're requesting a custom design/commission, this site isn't the place to do so. I suggest you find another site like deviantArt. We don't deal much with commission work here at all. It's not a focus or feature to any degree.
Thanks for the notifitcation. I'll look for some studios then...