Zolxys said:
I realized after the fact that it sounded like I wanted YOU to do it, when I was actually gonna do it myself. So thank you very much for doing that, Zolxys. <3
So it is true that gym short bloomers and medevil time bloomers are tagged under the same tag. I really don't think it should be the case since they're different bottoms. In danbooru, the medevil ones are "bloomers" and the gym shorts ones are "buruma". But honestly when I was researching the "buruma", apparently it extends to being more than just gym shorts, so idk.
Mattias, "buruma" is just Engrish for "bloomers".
I know, but my point is we have stuff like this and stuff like this under the same tag, where I feel like they shouldn’t be cuz they are different (well, at least to me)

Edit: one of the links fixed
Other tags exist for a reason. Want the underwear? Search alongside skirt, dress, or lolita_fashion. Want the one worn with old school Japanese gym uniforms? Search using gym_uniform, or minus the aforementioned tags.

We are not a hand holdy website.
It's okay to use notes to put the names of cars, planes etc? like post #313492
RyuZU said:
It's okay to use notes to put the names of cars, planes etc? like post #313492
That's actually a pretty cool idea. Go for it.
otaku_emmy said:
That's actually a pretty cool idea. Go for it.
Ok, I'll try to put some a day, at least in the ones I find.
Regarding the cropped tag:

On post #314600:
mattiasc02 said:
Didn’t we talk about this before?

I don’t think the tag should apply here. Like, at all. Residue is not an issue, and is something that SHOULD be cropped out. I even cropped this image myself to compare it with battlequeens and battle queen only cropped out residue, which is necessary (residue is the blending of the color of the image and the color of the border. Is real ugly)
For the most part, yes.

Zolxys said:
[---] we don't use the tag for the cropping of borders or other material that isn't part of the artwork.

If the image were cropped any more than required to remove the borders and flaws long the edge of the scan, the tag should be added.
The two sentences above don't cover how to tag when cropping part of the content, but only enough to remove flaws.

Zolxys said:
If you only removed what was necessary to get rid of the border and flaws along the edges, it's not necessarily required. Use your own judgement for that. Basically, if you think that someone very exacting might want to see or use the original, you should add the tag.
When you zoom in to crop perfectly, you tend to want to remove the lighter, darker, or discolored pixels along the edge. But when you zoom out, depending on the content along the edges, even a 2 pixel depth of those "flawed" lines can make it look like unnecessary cropping.

Zoom out to 100% and use your own judgement. If you think someone very exacting might think you cropped to much and would prefer the original, then the tag should be added. Though it will usually be best to upload a version that doesn't warrant the tag.

In the case of scans though, we're quite a bit more lenient. You pretty much can't avoid cropping part of the content when cropping a scan. So in those cases, the tag is generally used only when cropping more than necessary.
Suggestion to change the artist name shinoba to shnva, in azur lane game itself shnva is used as in danbooru
I'd rather not since, phonetically, it's exactly the same. Bs are pronounced like Vs in Japanese, so it's actually the same word just spelled differently.
That's really wierd Senpai
PrimalAgony said:
That's really wierd Senpai
It's a muscle thing. Some sounds their mouths just have trouble forming. I watched a thing about it before, but I can't quite describe the phenomenon in a way that sounds intelligent and coherent.

Anyway... It's the same word so I don't think we need to change the tag.
I think I got all the posts with scathach_skadi_(fate/grand_order). Someone please correct any posts I may have missed.
Only 3 were missing but I already edited them, many thanks for that :3
I'm starting to think that you have a crush on Emmy, Nepco.
PrimalAgony said:
I'm starting to think that you have a crush on Emmy, Nepco.
ah? and why do you think that?
Nepcoheart said:
ah? and why do you think that?
Let's just say i've seen a couple of your comments filled with emojis and such directed towards her. :p
I always use a lot of emojis but it depends on the situation, with yume-chan I have also used before
Unfortunately I've made a artist tag out of the tag "close".
Could a mod please change it back and tell me how I could change it in the future?
here you change that, it's similar to yande.re, in "action: edit" you can change any tag to general, artist etc
"style:close" not sure, but someone already solved it.
You go to More > under Tags select Edit > type in the tag that needs changing > select the classification it needs to be > then Save the changes
Thank you! I know about copyright, artist and stuff but not for normal and red tags. *sigh
From the Ratings help page:
Pictures of nudes, exposed nipples or pubic hair, cameltoe, or any sort of sexually suggestive pose are NOT safe and belong in questionable.
otaku_emmy said:
...Someone 100% needs to change that definition then. Because we do not always rate "cameltoe" as Q. That'd be silly.
BattlequeenYume said:
I agree with, Em. To just rate the post as q bc of cameltoe is stupid. It's the same with erect_nipples.
The cameltoe tag is currently being used far more inclusively than it used to be.

Most of the cameltoe rating:s posts we have are not posts I would have added the tag to. The few I would have done so for seem questionable to me. Or rather (in almost all cases) if it's not pronounced enough to make the post Questionable, I wouldn't call it a cameltoe... Given the Ratings help page and the "Rating" section in the wiki for cameltoe, I think that's how the tag was always intended to be used.

So, do we want to remove the tag most of the posts in cameltoe rating:s and clarify the wiki? Or do we want to use a broader definition for the tag?

Please check to see what kinds of posts we have in cameltoe rating:s before voicing an opinion.
I think that if cameltoe is CLEARLY VISIBLE or OBVIOUS it should be tagged regardless. I personally think it's cute, and I still want to be able to search for safe images containing that particular feature. I know that might sound kinda strange given that's not traditionally seen as a "cute" part of the female anatomy, but I don't think cameltoe should always be considered a sexual, deviant thing.

Having read the cameltoe wiki, it's also fairly inaccurate to state that it's solely related to panties or a woman being in her skivvies. Oftentimes characters wearing bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, leotards, and bodysuits will be sporting 'toe and still not be in an overtly sexual situation or pose.

So I say we keep the tag on all those posts and broaden its defined use.

Edit (2 hours later): I do agree that some of those posts rated "safe" should be bumped up though. I'm really tired right now but I'd be more than happy to go over all of them later.
The names of the artists used here always try to be similar to those of danbooru? more or less in the last weeks when I'm going to post something first of all I look for the artist in danbooru but sometimes I don't get results here, then I look for the list of old names and maybe that's I find it, I asking this to know if it's necessary to post here the name changes of an artist that are made in danbooru, just with images posted previouly here, so it would be a little easier to find them
Uhhhhhhhhhh we like to try and keep them the same but in some cases I've left them as they are on here. You can bring each individual case up here in the future, if you want. Or just use OUR tag. Most of the time I think I go with what we're currently using.