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Konachan flooded with crappy h-game CGs
When browsing this lovely site for more great wallpapers to use, I often come across people who post tons of quite low quality images from hentai games, and the reason for this is completely lost on me. With the huge and always growing selection of pretty wallpapers, why would anyone ever use those random poorly drawn and often low resolution and even censored hcg images of unknown chicks getting gang-banged with juices flowing everywhere? That doesn't make a very lovely desktop if you ask me.
I thought Konachan was for actual wallpapers. Hentai can just be uploaded on Danbooru instead. Or have I completely missed the point?
Korokun, uploaded a lot of images from h-games recently, so it would appear to be flooded. In actual fact a mass of h-game posts is quite rare, especially "crappy" ones (namely because we'd have killed them if they had quality issues).

I do know of a few people might well use them, only on their personal computer of course.

Just blacklist game_cg, one of the users has been tagging older posts that were missing the tag so it will block them too.
I don't think they are bad quality at all since they are all 1600x1200 size.

It is true that some might not like it but there are blaclists for that. The safe site is still broken and I'm not sure if it will get fixed anytime soon.

If you only want to see safe posts you can go into your account and blacklist rating:e.
Don't forget some eroge CG are quite clean, and beautiful.


It's from an eroge, but the pic itself is fairly pretty and elegent.

Seeing as eroge CG uploads are usually done in bulk (I'd assume torrents of full CG collections are the normal acquistion method), I'm pretty sure it's easier to uplaod the whole batch and let the users and mod filter out stuff later, if needed.

Besides, what's "horrible" and "awesome" can be utterly different depending on the person. Better to give everyone the option to exclude or not, rather than cater to just one crowd. (If only mass media censors would understand this...)

Also, most eroge CGs these days are quite hi-res. (1600x1200 seems to be a the norm now), so I'm not sure what you mean by "low quality" (<<<I tend to think image fidelity here when I see this). Unless you mean the actual design and layout, to which yes, some stuff does look horrid...But the mods will take care of that.

You learn how to block out some of this stuff given time and patience. (Though the latter seems to be very lacking in society these days...)