SciFi said:
Artistic, if it was image I'd have deleted it, shana or not.
For example, there is a chip in the pendant, it should be a smooth 3d-oval
Man, cut me some slack.

The tutorial I followed suggested that I trace each outline with a 'fills' from the pen tool. Which is why a lot of it came out clunky. Especially the pedant - The image I was tracing from was : it was extremely hard to make out the little details. So an awful lot of it was guess work. Excuses, I know.

Shuugo said:
Illustrator has tools to do automatic/semi-automatic tracing too.

As SciFi pointed out the pendant should be oval, while it's not, it's a typical behavior of automatic vectoring tools.
I didn't use any automatic tracing. Everything was done tediously by hand.

I mean, it's not your average 'smooth' lined vector, because of course, I didn't use any strokes. But I'll know better next time.

Infact, I'm going to go ahead and do another vector later tonight. With strokes. I'll see how that turns out.

Anyway, thanks guys. I'm glad you are brutally honest with me than anything else.