rargy said:
I've got D3 installed but i'm in the middle of moving from a dying PC to a new build. Going to try anyways.
Speaking of dying PC's, how many years does it take for you to get rid of the computer you've been using to a new one. IMO i think it's around 3 to 4 years. Because once you've reached that point your computer will be slow for being so old and having so much crap on it and it won't have any new things that computers will most likely need to run the internet at normal speed.

PS: I moved my comment here because i thought it would be more appropriate here since my comment doesn't have anything to do with games.
I used to update my system every 2 years or so. My current system is the longerst lived one so far at close to 2.5 years old.

In my preious update cycles, I would try to re-use parts if I can. The only thing I ever really got rid of was an old CPU and MB (a Pentium [email protected] along with its motherboard.) I pretty much keep everything else.
Tiki said:
Speaking of dying PC's, how many years does it take for you to get rid of the computer you've been using to a new one. IMO i think it's around 3 to 4 years. Because once you've reached that point your computer will be slow for being so old and having so much crap on it and it won't have any new things that computers will most likely need to run the internet at normal speed.

PS: I moved my comment here because i thought it would be more appropriate here since my comment doesn't have anything to do with games.
I purchased an I7 (4 real cores 4 virtual cores with decent VMEM-Management) laptop using a ATI 4850 HD card ( or somewhere close to that value) a few years back for a boatload of cash with the intention of using it for so long it would actually save me money since I can skip a generation and start with an awesome laptop. It worked :D, but I had to treat it like an angel when carrying it around obviously and snipe anyone giving it a bad glance or mean look. I intend to keep using it untill It's life cycle pretty much becomes a total loss, at which point I probably can't even manage to throw it away (kind of pathetic really, I really can't get myself to throw away a computer, it's like family).

My desktop , well I can run SCII battles on extreme mode without a fuss, so it's fine. Video card is getting a bit on the downside for mid 2012 so it's good there's 2 of em in there. Also intend to keep using it untill I really can't do what I need to do anymore with the computer at all ( I know some tricks to keep them viable). I guess I'm a bit clingy in that regard ;)
is anyone else having problems with FF 13.0.1?
i'm running Win7, 64bit, SP1 and i constantly switch between dual screen and single screen modes (it's a laptop, so i'm constantly docking it on my desk then taking it on the go).
the FF update came yesterday (friday, 6/23) and i've noticed YT vids tend to ghost when i scroll (so digging the smooth scrolling) and maximizing the window by double clicking (from when it was set to half of the screen's size by dragging it to one of the sides) does expand it to where it would fit the screen's size if it actually maximized. it seems to only expand it, not completely maximize it, and about half of the FF window is off screen.
i've also noticed that closing a java window generated by eclipse during code execution tends to have the FF window appear for like half of a second before switching back to the eclipse window if both apps are running simultaneously.
so is anyone else having this problem or am i the odd one out?
i'm prolly gonna have to submit a bug report in the end, though (ugh...).
Awrite, I got kicked out of the other thread, so I'll ask here...
is the YT HD bitrate higher than mp3, or on what does it depend, or what?
I haven't bother to rip YT videos, but I'm not aware of Google/YT publishing their encoder/muxer settings. If they have, good luck finding them. The video uses VP8 (some perhaps h264). I'm not sure about the audio as I never really cared to rip the audio. I'd have to pull a video and dig into it to really give you any solid opinion/facts.

Also, good headphones mean squat if your soundcard isn't up to par as well.

Can you link a video as a sample for me/us to look at? (Or 2-3 for a better gauge of YT's settings.)
immortalmage(XxImmortalMagexX) videos mainly...
but I'm confident in my soundcard

it's no biggie though, don't bother if it's... well, a bother...
I'll just use my headphones for everything...
So system 32 is riddled with trojans. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? The only thing Norton 360 is telling me is to remove the infected files which I don't want to do because I'm sure that stuff is required if I want my PC to function.
Cade said:
I'm no expert at this kind of stuff, but if did you manage to backup those important files onto a USB or blank disc for example from an earlier state before the infection, then you will have no problem in deleting those corrupted files and replacing them again. You should really ask someone who's really an expert at it though.
Cade said:
So system 32 is riddled with trojans.
You mean the Windows SYSTEM32 folder?

If you just have trojan files in there, best bet would be to pull the HDD out, attach it to another (clean) system and use that to disinfect the HDD. Most virus don't overwrite/replace system files. They complement them and intercept system operations. Windows does have a basic error correction system in place to replace corrupt system files. (Though obviously a good virus can bypass that.)

If you can do the above (pull and clean the infected HDD) and you system drops dead, you can try a system repair installation of windows if you have a Windows Install CD handy.

If it's REALLY fucked up, pull the drive, clean it, pull your personal data off of it onto another drive, and re-install windows if you can. Hell, if you're in the US and willing to pay for the shipping both ways, I'll do it for you ^_^ Well, as long as you have a legit WinXP or Win7 license. (I don't have Vista installation media.)
StahnAileron said:
... (I don't have Vista installation media.)
I could send you copy of a german Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit. Probably you might see how fucked up the localization on filesystem level was done... The folder 'Users' is existent, but access is denied. Then there are two symbolic links -> 'Documents and Settings' (access denied) and 'Dokumente und Einstellungen' as the localized string to maintain compatibility with Windows XP or rather with aps for WinXP with hardcoded directory names ...

By the way, today my new screen will finally be delivered. So, I'm waiting for postal service right now...
Gah! The compatibility at the filesystem level for XP to Win7 still has similar artifacts like that as well. Sound horrid at the localization level for non-ENG version though.

Still, VISTA is a pretty dead OS at this point. I have to work with VISTA systems now and then (since my sister has a Vista-based system or two). Even though Win7 is based on Vista, I despise how Vista was design from a IT tech's PoV. This is especially true when dealing with Network connections and management. (XP was simple, upfront, and straight forward; Vista require half a dozen clicks to get to the same point as I could in XP with 2 clicks. Win7 is better, but still require more windows/dialogues and clicks than XP.)
Guess what :) I bought a used laptop from its previous owner. Original OS was Vista. First thing I did was making a customized XP media for it with integrated drivers for all components, then I 'brushed' the HDD clean and installed XP. Sad thing that most of the recent hardware is shipped without XP drivers and also the vendor doesn't offer XP drivers on its website.
My Dad actually replaced the HDD of the Vista and installed Windows 7 on it recently. So at least in our house, Vista is dead.

Kisumi recently removed a System 32 virus using a Restore Point that pre-dated the infection. She's a clever little Kitsune.
So I guess my computer's screwed since I don't have the skill or money to fix it. I wasn't really expecting to fix the problem when I posted here, I just wanted an opinion. Thanks anyway.^^
Finally got a big Heat Sink/Fan for my CPU, big ol' 120mm size so it'll stay more quiet when playing my games because the default one was so loud I was afraid it would overheat really fast. Also got a new graphics card that's pretty much a more compatible thing than anything. Switched from a GTX 580 to a Radeon HD 6950. I guess they're pretty much equal but my Motherboard and CPU are AMD so I figured it might be better to get an AMD graphics card instead of an ATI/Intel type. Dunno if it does any better though.
I did some studying about Win XP x64 Edition. Funny stuff was sold in Germany because Microsoft didn't localize WinXP x64 ...

CD 1 - Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (englisch)
CD 2 - Multilingual User Interface for Windows XP & Server 2003 x64 Editions (german & japanese)

When I found a photo on ebay I was like "Oh? German and japanese MUI on one CD? must be coincedence ..."
Has anybody tried installing Windows 8?
I'm kinda curious. I sort of want to upgrade from windows 7 to try it out. I need a new laptop in a few months and have a hard time deciding between (now either a 13inch macbook air) or one of those new windows 8 ultrabooks with touch. - I think windows 8 might be pretty slick with touchscreen controls. Yet at the same time I don't want to touch my screen with greasy hands. Gahhh.. So I was thinking about installing it on my pc first to try it out.
Havn't tried it myself so I can't really say anything personal, but I think you will hate it if you have it on a computer. However if you have it on a tablet or phone or something similar it might work. Windows 8 on PC. Just check it out...

More positive review about Win 8. Same guys but his thoughts on gaming.

Didn't find any good vid about gaming for win 8 yet.
I've heard Win8 is not an intuitive design for the long time desktop/laptop user.
MS did improve the update and scandisk features - like defrag they will do their utmost to run in the background and not need a reboot.
I may or may not be trying it out in the coming months. Depends on when I get my older hardware back and if I feel like updating to a current OS (and if so, which OS). My old stuff is circa 2007 stuff, so... (2.4GHz Q6600 Core2 Quad w/ a Sapphire HD4970...Or was it 4870? One of the two.)

The few reviews I've skimmed don't bash it, so that's a good thing. But as Sci kinda notes, it is different. The biggest complaint I've seen is the lack of communication and interaction between the 2 different UI's (Desktop and "Metro") and their associated programs. Win8 is like 2 different OSes bundled together with little to no integration between them.

On the other hand, these are mainly just first impression reviews. You'll probably have to wait a month or so before the in-depth reviews come out. (Oddly enough, the 2 main sites I read, Anandtech and Ars Technica, seem to have a more rehular Mac users on staff than dedicated PC users...)
I know about W8 being designed for Touch use. But a lot of current ultrabooks are equipped with touchscreen. Not even talking about the 'flip' designs. Turning a laptop in a 'heavy' tablet. But I just don't know if I like that development. Like I said I don't want to go touch my screen all over. But the point is that I want to get a basic impression of the OS before I decide on a new laptop. I'm going to sell my current gaming desktop and my 'old' laptop. So I don't mind laying down a 'large' sum for a good ultrabook. I do need something relatively powerful. I did hear a lot of positive things about the speed. It seems that 'older' less powerful PC's have less trouble running W8 compared to W7.
I've seen the problems between the Desktop and Metro interface. Actually that was the first thing to strike me when I tried the OS. I didn't know what to do 'Where'd the start button go'.

Anyway I was deciding on getting the new retina mac book pro (13') one. Until the event last week, and they announced the lack of a dedicated graphics card. The 13' air is the next cheaper option, but I've heard some complains about the screen. I know this place is filled with Windows users, same for me. But I'm getting fed up with windows, and if 8 doesn't manage to envelop me in it's new OS, I might as well try the neater looking OSX. Atleast I know my laptop might still be worth something after 2 years, which can't be said of a windows laptop. Gaaah.. decisions. The only laptop running W8 which has me interested so far is the announced Acer Aspire s7. But the 13''model is in about the same priceranger as the retina macbook, so that's somewhat.. shocking.
You could wait until MS gets their Win8 Surface tablets out (based on Intel x86 CPU's, not the current WinRT ARM-based ones.) I'm not one for tablets currently (mostly do to the closed platform nature of ALL them), but the Win8 Surface tablets intrigue me since they can run standard desktop programs. Though I hear the first iteration will be ATOM-powered, so I'm wary of their real functionality. I'm hoping MS keeps the Surface design alive long enough for a second run based on Intel Haswell CPU design come some time next year. (I'm assuming middle of next year if previous CPU releases from Intel have been any indication of release schedule.) MS Surface tablets are supposed to be MS's warning to OEMs and the baseline for Win8/WinRT tablet designs according to MS. (i.e. "You people's shit had better be as good or better than what we're putting out.")

Funny how you say you're getting fed up with Windows. Shuugo's been telling me he's been getting fed up with Apple and OSX. He's been getting sick and tired of some of the support and system changes Apple has been making to OSX. OSX in his usage scenerio is getting buggy.

As for the S7 you linked, ACER seems to be adding a few small extras compared to Apple. Retina(tm) is good and all, but it means nothing if you can't put it to decent use. Stuff just looks nicer. I'd rather have the full res for more desktop space, but at that pixel density, 1:1 pixel ratio would have me squinting to see crap. I don't care about pixel density much after a certain point. You know something is up when apps have to have "Retina display optimized" changes to them.

Anyway, I'm actually more interested in IE10. Unfortunately, IE10 for Win7 and Vista won't be out until some time next month for whatever reason. (Supposedly, IE10 makes use of some Win8 functionality that isn't quite the same in Win7 and Vista...)
I remember reading about the next, 4th gen intel chips. The Haswell codename.
Stacy Smith said:
In addition, we expect an increase in inventory reserves as we start production on our next-generation micro-architecture product codenamed Haswell which we respect to qualify for sale in the first quarter of 2013.
Though waiting seems like a valid reason. Hell, a new chip might bring a lot of new power and that's always welcome. Though the problem is if I can wait until the first quarter. Depending on how my school internship unfolds, I need a new laptop when I'm leaving the country. No way I'm going to carry this heavy 15' asus with me.

The Retina seems to have it's pros and cons. Like you mentioned, apps need to support the Retina option, and there are not many who do currently. I believe though the most popular things are optimized. (As in Pages and those 'Microsoft office cousins'.) Hell I believe even Microsoft is working on, or already finished optimizing office for the Retina display. But I don't know if I really need such a high resolution. 1920x1080 though seems like a must. I do want the high resolution if I ever end up watching movies while I'm doing my internship. Other then that Retina just makes everything look incredible crisp, and the extra screen estate is sweet. I could care less for a certain PPI though, it's a nice 'marketing' thing, but there's a limit to what the human eye can see.

Yeah, that reminds me. I've seen Shugo complaining about OSX a few times this year. Things might just get boring after using them for such a long time. I am always in for change. (except when it comes to switching to iOS ha ha). But the last few months I've been confronted with OSX quite a few times, and I started developing an interest in it. Now if the price was interesting. But that's a whole different story.
I still got a few months waiting time. So we'll see what happens.
Haswell should bring bring x86 down to power levels that can be used in a tablet without need for impractical battery sizes and cooling solutions. It a "new" architecture (its successor will be a node drop to 14nm, bringing further power savings, but that's not for another 2 years.) Though from what I've been hearing, Haswell's current biggest claim to fame will be better integrated graphic power in the same power envelope as the current 3rd gen (Ivy Bridge) CPUs. (Up to 2x according to Intel source, I believe.) We'll see how it goes. I just hope MS can/will take advantage of Intel's Haswell design and produce a Surface tablet based on it. It would be the first tablet I would actually consider buying if that happens.
Alright currently installing a clean W8 version on my laptop. It needed a clean up anyway. I'll post my findings about W8 te coming days if everything goes smoothly.
I plan to make a server computer but I'm not sure how that's going to go. I know it'll be the same as making a normal computer but I need a good case that'll fit all the HDDs. Also I would need a motherboard that supports a lot of SATA ports at this point correct? I don't see too many that go beyond 6 or so.

Either after that one or before, I'm going to make a 2nd rig that'll pretty much be all intel stuff, so CPU, MB, and Nvidia Graphics cards. It'll be a full tower too since I plan to put at least two graphics cards together. The computer I have now is all AMD, and I think I could put another AMD card in it but I'm not sure at the moment. I just know this'll be over the course of next year since I'll hopefully be getting a better income at the start of the year.
Ok some things I've noticed in these few hours.
It's pretty easy to get used to the 'Metro' and 'Desktop' layouts. You should see Metro as a full screen 'start' button with shortcuts to your favorite things. I like how it looks, though I do want to see some more customization options. I can't change the metro background to something I downloaded, or a photo etc. You can only pick a color and about 10~20 pre-installed layouts. You can however change the lock screen/login screen to something you want. Of course you can change your desktop background like always. And it's nice to see the same image pop up in your tile. I also want to see some way to change the color of the tiles. Everything looks a bit chaotic right now, and I prefer to see the same color in different tints. From light blue to dark blue or something.
The mail app looks really nice, yet it doesn't allow me to change anything. It only preloads emails from the past 2 weeks, which I can't seem to change. That's really a bother, so I still have to fire up outlook in explorer if I want to check a password or something else. Talking about IE10. It looks really nice. I like the way how they integrated the search bar. Without a taskbar and search bar you get a little bit of extra real estate, and it just looks cool. Everything loads pretty fast so no complains whatsover. I did instal Chrome and the app shortcut. But it ports you to the desktop environment and you're missing the cool look IE10 gives.
My major issue right now is the fact that most of my keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore. Lowering the brightness, volume and all those keys in your F1 to F10 keys stopped working. Well, every now and then it works with 1 press, but stops working after again. This is pretty annoying because I use the shortcuts a lot to lower volume, brightness and to switch to HDMI.
Ohh and the Picture/Gallery app is also rather nice.
And yes, it feels like W8 runs smoother, and faster than 7.

Jezus christ. MKV's still aren't supported. You'd think in this age they would add support for some 'newer' containers. While MKV has already been around for like 6 years. It's one of the most used, if not the most used HD video container. Seems like I have to install VLC
Artwork said:
Jezus christ. MKV's still aren't supported.
Do you mean windows media player that doesn't support mkv files or is another media player in used in win 8?

Don't know why M$ don't add mkv on their media player :/
There are '2' media players in W8. - You got the 'Video's and Music' section which is basically the Xbox multimedia hub. And you still get the Windows media player like we're used to. But both don't support mkv. I do have to add, again, the Metro video player looks nice.