FoliFF said:
Neither do I have a pc for gaming. This crap lenovo laptop I have is enough so far. I'm still thinking if I should build my own PC or buy one.
I suggest build one.

I made my gaming computer about when I was eight (eight years ago) for $500 and only upgraded the memory and the RAM once in between then and now. And it is still one of the best gaming computers I have seen and compared to most that I have played against online. I also got a laptop for Xmas about four years ago and am currently always using it at my moms house. I upgraded the memory on my laptop once. I don't remember my computers components at the moment and don't really feel like finding out. I'm saving up $1000 to build a super gaming computer (my favorite part of building a computer is making it look like you could put it in a school computer lab from the outside >^_^<) so I can have the other one at my moms house. I can make a great one for $500 still, but I wanted a super one.