Black_Rock_Shooter said:

Anyway, I was sitting in a very plain wooden chair, with a pink/orange background and Hatsune Miku was skipping around in a leek costume. A neat part for me was the fact my hair was black and was down to my waist...I'd love to have hair that long, and black.
Maybe you were a Vocaloid too at the time, and your Vocaloid self has long black hair?
I had a dream that seem to be straight out of an anime. It was me in the very large and expensive looking place talking with someone (couldn't hear what i was saying). Then this really bad ass devil looking guy comes barging through the door and my buddy was all like "holy shit that so and so( didn't hear or can't remember name). He's suppose to be some really big hot shot that can take anyone down." So for some reason, instead of running i fight him. And i don't fight him with just pure strength i used strategy. So this really awesome battle happens ( i would go into detail but i can't remember all of it and it would make it this post too long) and my buddy didn't do anything but watch. After i kicked his ass these 2 other bad ass's come through the door, one male and one female and they look like devils or if you played DND they look like Tieflings. They say that because i beat him so badly that i'm going to get promoted to some high ranking officer ( i guess i was in some kind of military place.

If i where to describe what the place looked like i would say something like the place that Dead Master was in BRS except everything had a red tint to it. Maybe i was in hell. O_O
Tiki needs to write a small story with that, make a bit money, might get adapted into an anime!

And the place where Dead Master stays is often referred to as "The Other World".
Black_Rock_Shooter said:

And the place where Dead Master stays is often referred to as "The Other World".
Right but i was more of referring to the mansion which BRS and Dead master first meet.
A lot of times I get a strong sense of deja vu and when I think about it I usually get the feeling that I saw the same thing in a dream a long time ago. Today I was part of a car accident on the I 15 (no one harmed in the car I was in) and when I was thinking about it a little later I had a very strong feeling I've seen the exact scene in a dream about half a year ago. I'm almost certain I've seen that in a dream.
Last night I had a dream that I think was interesting. (know clue what it was about) All I remember was that I was swimming and that if I ever went under water I turned as heavy as a rock. I some how figured that on my own. Later, someone playing pushed me underwater and it took all of my swimming strength to get me three feet off the bottom (about one foot from the surface where I was at) and I knew if I could get the top of my head above the water I could float again. Don't remember if I made it, but I know there was more. I think.
I had really good dream last night. Actually I have this dream fairly often. I can never remember the beginning, but I'm in the middle of this enormous fight and everybody is against me for some reason (like I said I don't remember the beginning). Anyway I kill them all, and I'm walking away then their is this sharp pain in my ribs. I look down and a crying child has stabbed me. I wake up as I'm dying. Usually I'm not killed after the fight though.
That kinda reminds me of a dream I had a while ago.
Had a dream a few days ago, forgot to post, that I got to play on stage with Yellowcard, being my favourite band despite my extreme love for metal/metalcore/thrash/screamo. It was simply amazing, it gave me the same feeling of epic proportions as when I saw them back in June of 2011. Aghh, if I had the money I'd go see them every time they came to NC, no matter where in state they were.
had the strangest "sort of" dream which mixed my hobbies and my job. So i was playing a shooter at my computer, then i was digging a 2 man trench, then i was shooting stuff up in the shooter, and then i was sitting in the trench being shot up, and then the round ended with me tossing an arty sim.

...f***ing weird

@JJK: deja vu, that happens to me a lot too.
I dreamt that I was drunk behind the wheel, or maybe I was just tired. Kept driving off of the road and there was a cop car every mile or so that I honestly thought I got lucky for not being pulled over by any. It was scary, glad I woke up before I hurt anyone.
Had 2 that I can recall. One left me with a feeling of helplessness, the other made me feel bad ass.
First one, I was being strapped into a chair, probably an electric chair, for killing someone, I had a choice of either 20 years or death. I didn't know what I did, but I was told I had killed someone, but had no memory of doing it. As I sat in the chair, I didn't want to die, not like that, but I also didn't want to spend 20 years in prison. That's all for that one really.

My next one, I was sitting on the side, looking at a drumset, it was something like anyone could come up and play if they knew how or whatever. So I watched this man, looked to be in his 50's, bald on top, with grey-white hair surround his head and a same colour goatee. I was impressed by his ability as I watched him play. He got up and moved to another drum set, and then surround sound they started playing For Whom The Bell Tolls, and the man went at at. Then I found myself hoping on the other drum set, giving a little test double bass pedal kick, then I started to play along too. It was an awesome feeling. -w-
I had a dream about a little girl being held in some laboratory as a guinea pig for some scientist's experiments or something. Despite having been raised from birth inside a large but sealed room with little to no human contact and being treated as a test subject rather than a person she has a very cheery personality. I think one scientist sympathized with her though by talking to her and telling her stories of the outside world, something the little girl always looked forward to hearing about. Anyway, one day the scientist in question died (Not sure if it was natural or murder at the hands of the other scientists) and when the girl heard of this she suffered a psychotic break, escape her prison, went on a homicidal rampage with some unseen power (Likely from the experimentation), kills everyone, and destroys the facility.

Kinda sounds like something fom Elfen Lied to me.
Looking back my most lucid dream was a bit of a laugh really. However I was seven at the time that it happened so I was scared witless.

I was battling a trainer (He looked a lot like Lt. Surge) in a dark alley. It was my Charmander against his Electabuzz. Long story short he defeated my Charmander and everything should have ended there. However after defeating my Pokemon the trainer ordered his Electabuzz to use Thunderpunch on me. The punch connected with my chest and I awoke to a massive jolt of electricity traveling throughout my body giving me a mini three second seizure.

That was the first and only time I have ever experienced a physical side effect from something that happened purely in my dreams. I am still at a loss as to how it could have happened.
Agos said:
Kinda sounds like something fom Elfen Lied to me.
That's what I was gonna say, that or F.E.A.R. in a way.
just thought i'd post this. i woke up about 20 minutes ago ¬__¬
kokiriloz said:
Was reading seriosuly until I read that, then I lost it. XD

kokiriloz said:
sarahNL or goggles died ¬__¬
I hope your not some kind of dream future see'er, or whatever they are called.
Black_Rock_Shooter said:
Was reading seriosuly until I read that, then I lost it. XD

I hope your not some kind of dream future see'er, or whatever they are called.
Ya when i read that i started laughing.

i think the word your looking for is prophet?

also kokiriloz how people where at the meeting place? think you can give a rough estimate?
I'm kinda curious what we looked like.
@BRS no, i'm not a prohet~ ahah~
@tiki how many were there? um... i'd say around 20-25... it was mostly regulars from here and konachat guys ;p
@xavier that was so very, very vague, i don't even remember any of your faces D; one exception though. i remember one face all too well

more dream info

on a side note
kokiriloz said
on a side note
That was by far the funniest thing I have read on Kona, top ten on the internets, and their are some funny things on that series of tubes.
Lol Yeah I agree :3
Sarah's alive! Yay! Now, wheres Goggles? DX
@xavier glad to be of service! <3
i knew already sarahNL didn't die ;p that sexy girl fails dying
as for goggles, she's too busy looking at potential pornographic materialshe sees fit...
She's immortal too?
I thought I was the only immortal here....
oh, god... xavier, sarahNL is so damn immortal she's as old as a sexy person.
Anyone have a dream where there fall from an incredible height and right before they hit the ground they wake up?

Well i had that dream but this time... i hit the ground. I always thought that when you hit the ground in that kind of dream it signifies that you died...
Nah, your good man. I've had plenty of dreams I died in, rather I was killed, or killed myself. (And on one occasion I was a zombie). But just in case, hope your not a future see'er through your dreams.
Black_Rock_Shooter said:
Nah, your good man. I've had plenty of dreams I died in, rather I was killed, or killed myself. (And on one occasion I was a zombie). But just in case, hope your not a future see'er through your dreams.
if you talking about deja vu's i get those all the time. Feel weird when you've had a conversation before but you actually haven't.
I've never had those "normal" dreams where you fall or are naked, all the dreams I remember are really violent and I rarely die, when I do though I wake up immediately.
That and the one where I saw my own gravestone.