otaku_emmy said:
I'm a collector. I've always loved real books more. The feel, the smell, the aesthetic of having them all lined up neatly on a shelf.

Plus imagine the thrill of acquiring something rare like that. It'd be a hoot and a half.
Got it, so that explains.

mattiasc02 said:
And do what RyuZU says! Put on that eyepatch and arrrr
Piracy is my 5th name
I had a really sad, horny dream where I sheepishly went around asking people if they knew anyone who'd wanna have sex with me. Half the time I didn't even say "sex", I'd just do that index-finger-in-semi-open-fist motion.

I believe a new, stupid crush is to blame.
I had a dream about the new grown man I'm crushing on (even though I'm not 100% sure what he looks like which I know is incredibly stupid).

I was hanging out with him, bonding with him, becoming affectionate with him (his real GF appeared once in the background to say "hi" but I ignored her for the most part). Then I kind've either died or went plain invisible. However, around 50% of people could still see me, fewer could still hear me, and I could still interact with physical objects.

So I traveled around in this way, half existing, half not. Some people seeing me, some not. Everyone getting along with me. I'd visit JD, the guy, rather often. We'd hug a whole bunch, even though I was invisible. He gave very lovely, deep hugs. They felt real.

I somehow ended up meeting Mike Rowe (in the past?) while filming Dirty Jobs while I was invisi-dead. He was nice.

The best parts were hugging JD though.
Wells... he does have a girlfreeeend. And maybe you were invisible because it's a symbol you're the "other woman"?
I don't like thinking about him having a GF, since she's not actively a part of what he does and what little exposure I have to him. ...She might even be his wife. I haven't paid much attention to his fingers. But men with that much property are usually married.

I love him very much.
otaku_emmy said:
I don't like thinking about him having a GF, since she's not actively a part of what he does and what little exposure I have to him. ...She might even be his wife. I haven't paid much attention to his fingers. But men with that much property are usually married.

I love him very much.
Not part of what he does?

What does he do?

And lol ya found yourself a rich man! Uhh I mean treat him like a sugar daddy 💰💰 but loving him sounds hard if he’s gonna have another shawty, unless that’s what you like. Loool it kinda sounds like one of those situation where it’s like “he has a girlfriend, but” *sassily whispers* “she don’t know him like meeeeeee…”. It is an ego boost tho…

Uh… is he close to you physically? How long have y’all been talking?
mattiasc02 said:
What does he do?
I have no idea what he does for a living, but I do know he has a real job.

And lol ya found yourself a rich man!
Owning property and having land doesn't mean a man is rich, Mattias. :p

Uh… is he close to you physically? How long have y’all been talking?
I do not know him, Mattias. I don't usually get crushes on people I know. I've never spoken to him a day in my life.

I'd never knowingly try to take a man away from anyone he was already with.
Since the coronavirus began I've had two lucid dreams. In one, after becoming aware I made myself levitate into the sky, and could see my hometown around me, before waking up uncontrollably.

In the more recent one, I became lucid while meditating in the dream, and decided to wake myself up in real life, which was weird because at first it was like sleep paralysis and I couldn't move my legs hahah.

I really want to keep meditating and recording my dreams because I now know it's possible to have fully visionary experiences while dreaming. I think it actually does provide evidence of other dimensions.
I had a dream that Kanna from Maidragon was a real little girl, and she was MY little girl (but not my birth daughter). She was incredibly cute (it was down-do Kanna).

My mom had a dream that I had a Mexican girlfriend, and I was riding on the back of her motorcycle with her.
I had a dream this morning that I was in love with and possibly dating a trans J-fashionista e-girl. J-fashion, but she was white.

My mom also had a dream a couple weeks ago that I had a Mexican girlfriend, and I was riding on the bike of her motorcycle with her.
I had a repeated dream yesterday in which my dog for some reason jumped out of my window and ran away, the scary thing is that I live six floors high in a building and she survives anyway, a month ago I had exactly the same dream but a little different, I don't know why but those things touch me emotionally and after I wake up I'll go to see if she's okay and I hug her
I think watching so many horror gameplay before going to sleep last night affected me lol, I had a normal dream where I was walking with my family through new streets, then we entered a dark house that had a security code, I heard a cry so I walked outside until something that I could not distinguish attacked me and ran away, I woke up abruptly and agitated, I don't remember when was the last time something like this happened to me, usually I don't remember anything I dream
So I'm a fan of the stereotypical 1930s Italian mobster. I'm a fan of Italian stereotypes in general.

Anyways, I had this fucking bizarre dream about some, like, mafia dudes who were wearing Japanese sukumizu, and they had the thickest, juiciest asses and thighs you'd ever seen. But it was, like... They had the lower halves of women. They had men's torsos and Italian meatball heads and their 30s fedoras but everything below the waist was e-thot.
I had a dream that Gawr Gura was having a cookout in my yard. She had one of those large portable smokers, but she only had cheap, sliced roast beef lunch meat to throw down. I was like, "Gura, honey, that's not gonna work..." but she persisted nonetheless.

I went back outside to check on her and she was gone. I panicked because I was sure she'd been kidnapped, so I enlisted the help of a young Buster Keaton to help me locate her.
I had a dream that I was going to meet a hot, middle-aged actor DILF I used to have a crush on but then I fookin' shidded my pants right there in public and had to run away and hide. :/

I also had a dream that I was watching a live, in-person striptease by one of my favorite burlesque performers, and she had a lil gray squirrel helping with her act like she were a Didney pwincess.
Have 3 skinned grey squirrels in my fridge right now. Been shooting them in my yard when I get the chance.
Cade said:
Have 3 skinned grey squirrels in my fridge right now. Been shooting them in my yard when I get the chance.
I was just talking to an Aussie acquaintance about that. He seemed surprise to hear that people shoot at nuisance animals around here. And just practice their shot in their yard in general.

Anyway, it was kinda odd. Her working with a squirrel.

And you better eat them critters.
otaku_emmy said:
And you better eat them critters.
I don't think there's enough on a squirrel to bother with. Not the ones around here anyway. (Though, the squirrels we have here are red squirrels)

If you have chickens, you could throw it to them after skinning it. But if you throw one to them without skinning it, they'll freak out and won't go near it.
I just think it's mean to kill something for the hell of it so I wanted him to eat them. If my momma ate opossums growing up, he can eat a squirrel. Make some squirrel stew or grilled squirrel skewers (say that five times fast).

And chickens are fucking crazy. I love them.
You wouldn't find a tablespoon of meat on the squirrels here...
Recently I have been watching many videos about volcanoes and I dreamed something similar but with a massive storm, many years ago I used to have dreams about storms in which I ended with fear but now it's so rare that I have one that I even have fun in them, it sounds strange I know, I think my most entertaining dreams are always nightmares
I had a dream about this guy I have a crush on (as always, I don't actually know him personally). There were a lot of horror elements in the dream, but I guess since the parts with him in were so nice I can't really remember the scary stuff. I do remember it featured those awful lil Messengers from Bloodborne.

Anyway, the guy was being really nice to me. I think he liked me too, but he was being coy about it. He got me a bunch of presents, and when I wanted a hug to show my appreciation he opted instead for a bashful high five. Which was nice since it's still a form of physical contact. He had a lovely smile too. I like his smile...
Just admit it. You want a cuddly bear!
I keep having this dream involving lights and flying through space. It's trippy experience since it always end abruptly.
I had a dream about a DILF I like (that's redundant I don't care). He was doing odd, kinda sexual, manipulative shit to me which is something out of character for the real him. It's weird, because I don't even view him, in my mind, as a controlling entity. He's just a good dude and a DILF. So I don't know why I had that kind of dream.

I also had a dream with Win Butler in it so I think I like him now. Maybe that's cuz I have a thing for tall, "quirky" white dudes. And I've been listening to some Arcade Fire recently. I think his wife's cute too.
I had a dream about playing a game on my Macbook, infiltration game, and I was there live doing it. For some reason, when I was running away from pursuers, at the end when I "lost", I found myself in front of a broken Macbook screen, dented heavily from the top. That's when I knew it turned into a nightmare. And I woke up.

Really, when money is an issue it's defo a nightmare.

Also reminds me of serious anger problems. When I was playing World of Tanks, that the team was getting on my nerves so much I felt physical pain from the anger. I noticed the issue and quit the game there and then.
I had a dream where I was looking for a specific someone at what seemed like a marine biology research facility. The person I attempted to confront in regards to this man's whereabouts just laughed at me, and that pissed me off. It pissed me off because it's someone I have a crush on, and he didn't wanna help me and he didn't respect me. How dare he not respect me in my own dream and still look good doing it? Then Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) started playing in my head and I woke up. And my fucking left middle finger was jammed. It hurts, and it's effecting my grip strength.
some garbage
You were really into MDE for a spell, and I know you knew the context of Sam then so what's your stance now?
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since my bio probably looks pretty cringe to someone on the alt-right.
I can already imagine what it is, but I'm sure that to any normal person it will look like cringe

would it be something like that?