Oh yeah people when you dream do you dream in first person or does it happen you dream in third person?

As for me it's actually mixed sometimes it's first person and sometimes it's third person. Also another thing which is common to me when I dream that I switch from 1st to 3rd person time as I see fit.

Something similiar when you play elder scrolls game xD
mine are both: through my own eyes, and then there are a lot of cinematic viewpoints.
Both really. Sometimes with myself, or sometimes through someone else.
I am dead by the way.
Edit: Huh, my avatar's gone.
Goggles:D said:
I am dead by the way.
Edit: Huh, my avatar's gone.
I thought you were banned?
Maybe you dreamt that? ^_~

Goggles simply dropped out for a while a few months or so ago. I noticed her disappearance and lack of presence here for while now. I figure she just had real-life stuff to deal with. Or got tired of the site/needed a break.

And speaking of her: Goggles, you so posted that message in the wrong thread.
i had a flcl themed dream...with JACK NICHOLSON
Really Stahn? I could have sworn Koki mentioned me dying in one of her dreams, so I made a fairly lame joke out of that. Agos, I don't know why I would get banned aside from angering Stahn from being a negatively charged electron of a person. It saddens me that I'm probably going to mentally force myself to look at this website now.
Goggles:D said:
[...] I could have sworn Koki mentioned me dying in one of her dreams, so I made a fairly lame joke out of that. [...]
Brick jokes don't really work here that well. ^_^; I kinda recall what you're talking about. That was weeks, if not months ago when you were actually on the site. I'm pretty sure many people don't even readily recall that post now (it was 2 months ago)...
Goggles:D said:
I made a fairly lame joke out of that.
It seems you agree with my previous statement.
Great idea for a topic I dare say!

I find the lifespan of dreams part of it's beauty and trying to capture them is like taking a photograph of a painting and calling it art. Art is something on it's own so copying isn't going to capture it's true meaning.
Art,has the ability to show us beauty. Now I could ramble for hours about what beauty is but the short version would be that I agree with Oscar Wilde('s) (spelling?) views. You can't "define" beauty, you can't assign it as a property, you can not say 1+SQRT5/2 = beauty like math will have you believe. I also believe that dreams are just "information processing" in the brain, and I never looked at dreams as "valuable" or "needed" it's like one of those many processes your computer is running now you probably never even heard of but you do need or the whole system will come crashing down on you.

On a side note, I had a train of thought inspired by a Naruto episode (hold fire please :P) showing a conversation between deidara-さん and sasori-さま on art. My conclusion is that even though both have merits I'd say art is more of an explosion than resisting the test of time indeed.

Resisting the test of time is a beautiful purpose which I can relate to (don't ask (>^_^)>) but hardly art which is focussed solely on beauty and how to show that to everyone willing to see it for what it is. This is the reason that when I discuss dreams 99/100 they will be those of several hours of age at best because, since I don't find it useful to remember dreams or spend time wondering what it means, that also means I'm not trying to understand and define a dream which allows me to get closer to it's beauty. (Imagine trying to model the world as a scientist and having some guy come up and tell you it is or is not art, that'd be a nice discussion!)

I made an exception once though, it was a simple dream. 3rd person mid air, blue skies, flying around on warm day, no wings or planes required. A little common I know , but it's the only dream that got past the age of 1 year , and now 10 years even. That's because it was beautiful, and I may not know why but I do know it's worth remembering this one dream.
...What? I don't think I got any of that.
Black_Rock_Shooter said:
...What? I don't think I got any of that.
Ah my weak spot surfaces again, confuse ray is too super effective for it's own good :(

Any specifics I can clear up? I'll edit the post untill it makes sense :)
Black_Rock_Shooter said:
All of it? DX
That makes the solution simple, edit all of it ^_^. Done and done. I hope it's a bit better now.
I understand what Mnessie is saying, but I doubt I would have previous to the changes. A problem with it, I feel, is that dreams aren't even memories but a very less significant form of one. When you wake up, it's unlikely for you to remember even the last two seconds of your dream unless it was lucid which brings me to another thing. You can only have a truly beautiful dream if you shape it that way, and to do that you must have a lucid dream or a mind that has only ever been exposed to beauty; lucid dreams are not common.

I guess I'm only saying this since I don't have dreams (commonly) myself.. Which really is a blessing. Say you were to do something that scared the crap out of you, you would probably have nightmares. Not me! I only sit in my bed for five hours thinking "Oh god, what's that in the dark? Oh god! What was that noise!?" ~Sarcasm~ So it's all perfectly fine. ~End Sarcasm~
Ah lovely you poked right through it didn't you, clever!

Yes that was my first and last lucid dream, but the second I made that realization a reality it it burst like a bubble. Confuse ray strikes again.

Fear does have an effect on dreams I agree, or the lack of them for the sleepless out there, the only other time I woke up while dreaming and remember I was dreaming I remembered just the trigger for waking up as it resonated all over my mind but everything else was already gone.
Got very little sleep last night, and ended up having a seemingly endless stream of night terrors. Some were legitimate nightmares involving some sort of snake/turtle curse. Others however were literally dreams about me "trying" to fall asleep. I couldn't tell the difference between dream and reality, as I would dream I was sitting up in my bed on the computer, but wake up still lying in my bed...

Oh god, am I dreaming this post update!? (o_O)
Agos said:

Oh god, am I dreaming this post update!? (o_O)
Yes, Agos. It's 5am in the morning. You're late for work, you lazy fucking bum. Stop sleeping.
Didn't have a dream today as far as I can tell but I decided to set my alarm clock 5 minutes into the future after it had the audacity to wake me up. Strange thing is those 5 minutes of sleep felt like 6 hours of sleep and added a ton of energy. How's that for strange
That's typical. I ran a whole week like that once while I was in the military. Heck I did that the other day. Took a 5-10 minute nap at my desk, felt fine right after, despite being up for about 20-24 hours straight at the time.
Naps are magical. Just ask Kisumi; she'll tell you.
I woke up a little to early today, so i decided to take a little nap. I slept until 8:45 and ended up staying home from school. Yep naps are magical
Especially power nap are marvellous.

I just woke up from one.
FoliFF said:
Especially power nap are marvellous.

I just woke up from one.
I do love my power naps in the hard days to open up more time for "mindless staring into the void".

The ones where I am in the luxury position of sleeping from dawn till dusk (Ye it's flipped on purpose ^_^), those are good! I miss those :(
Ecchi, you're doing it wrong. You wake up before your alarm goes off (roughly twenty to five minutes) and go back to sleep; now you have a nap.
Mnessie said:
Art is something on it's own so copying isn't going to capture it's true meaning.
actually; bad artists copy, great artists steal. if you comprehend the full extent of its meaning, you will see how that links to your post, mnessie... ;3

as for dreams, heck, i've had no zombie ones recently, despite reading a zombie book...
I would defend that with the addition that a copy will have it's own meaning and purpose. In fact I have a copied Van Gogh in my room about the size of a diner table which reminds of this point of view every day, and I have started taking a liking to the copied version. Silly I know.
i had a romantic dream about mc chris (look 'em up) and then i woke up depressed
Had another of my violent dreams last night.
Except this time I was in the ctf_2fort map from TF2.
I guess I've been playing that too much...
P.S. I survived this time.