I can usually control my dreams for around 15ish minutes while I finally fall into a deeper sleep, and also have a lot of day-dreams with one I'm trying to make a semi-story of.

Anyway, one of the dreams I remember was having needles put into me like acupuncture. Woke up and it was realistic enough that it felt like it actually happened.

Then another was based off one of those stories (or tv episodes) of a person dying (me), on the life or death out of body spirit, with several weird creatures and humanoids urging me in one direction or another, mainly towards the death part of course. Though I meet this girl that I eventually rescue from that limbo while becoming alive again. Of course I slimed the whole thing down here.

My latest was from an observational 3rd person dream like I was watching something. There was this curse that if you sit on something, you had to meet certain requirements which are all different with the only common final requirement being another person has to grab your hand and pull you off. Also the curse spreads by just simply being near other people like an airborne virus so it gets a bit weird. The dream stopped before getting that far though but I kinda like the concept.

Also Kisumi I would be wondering if I was one of those people in your nightmare(s)