I had one last night, now it was a strange one, because I have not had a long dream in a good while.
It started out I was at GameStop, it looked as if they were rearranging stuff, but there were still customers about and what not, and there was this girl with me, now she is from this site, the real person, even though I don't know her real name or what she looks like, my mind put a body and sort of a face, which was obscured by her hair. She was shorter than me, but about a head (I'm 5'10) light brown hair that extended just a little longer than her shoulders and she had a small frame. We had been talking about something, then she turned then subject and started to tell me something, I couldn't really here her to well, but I waited and tried to make it out. She had stood close to me, as if to make a point, but I apologized and told her I didn't hear her. She held my arm and told me she loved me. I was stunned, I stood in silence for a moment, before asking her why.But she said "I can't, because she loves you too, alot." and I asked who is the other, but she didn't answer, and I was put in another dream.(I won't be disclosing who the girl was).
I was at a house with Shinji/Ryu(NukeTheNoobs), it was dimly lit if at all, and it looks like it was going to rain, when I looked out the window in the distance just in time to see a tornado disappear, I tell him to look quickly, but it's too late. I check out another window to see 2 random people walking over while the tornado puts down again now more than half a football field away.

And that's pretty much it.
I say the first part of my dream was...surprising, even though I don't know why that person was in there to say that, but the thought of someone actually saying that to me, is interesting.

The secound part...maybe I wanted Shinji to get taken by the tornado. XD (@Nuke: love you buddy!)