Really weird dream last night. I don't remember all the details, but I'll try:
Started out with what I think was some sort of alien invasion but the aliens looked sub-humanoid but reptilian. I had the ability to turn into a hawk or something, but I got tired of using my wings so I just used a balloon to move around. Then I was in a bar and was trying to play a pinball game that wagered vital organs but couldn't play because the pinball was too small to be launched. Turned out the pinball was a blueberry flavored gumball shaped like a tiny robin's egg. This caught the attention of some sort of biker gang in the bar who were interested in these "legendary" blueberry gumballs. I told them I found them in the pinball machine so they started taking it apart looking for more. I managed take two small gumballs and one large one without the biker gang noticing. Then I was in a car with a couple of people I assume I was friends with an we all sampled the gumballs, the flavor was strong despite their small size. Oh, and then a bar, or maybe it was a train station blew up.

Again, weird dream. Any ideas what the hell this all means?