Okay, I got a real treat, but the main reason I'm even posting these dreams is because I don't want to forget them. Be warned, this will be a long post. ^_^

Okay, so it's starts out I'm in, kind of a black void, almost like I'm in space, but it's where I live or something. There are these large Red and silver rings about the size of an average train tunner, and onto of the bottom of the loops was like a track for some kind of train. I was aware I was looking through the body of Merry Nightmare for whatever reason. (I have not read or seen the manga, I just know what she looks like). And the next thing I know, she fell off the safety part and started to fall into the blackness below. There apparently was not a good thing and this other woman leaped down after her. I got a semi good look at her, she she had long blonde hair in a pony tail, wearing a black tube top with a V cut to show cleavage and black skintight jeans, wielding a staff she grabbed onto Merry as she started to faded away, possibly due to the fact that area was dangerous an unexplored. I don't know what happened at that point, but I again look through Merry's eyes as she sits up on a gym floor with balloons everywhere. She is looking around confused from what I could feel, the lights where off except a few and she found some kinda of cheap party accessory on her leg that read "Birthday Bill". The next thing I know, she was walking down a crowded street, and into a building, which was filthy inside, but she was looking for a bathroom. So after she did her business, it then switched over to me actually being there and her seeing the beach for the first time. She seemed extremely amazed by it. Though I noticed that a little ways out at sea, the horizon was shrouded in fog, and on the left and right ends of the were also covered in shadows. Upon going in, she asked me to run back to her stuff to do something for a moment. So I turned and sprinted, little freaking Sonic the Hedgehog or something to out stuff. I checked for something and decided it was fine and sprinted back. Upon returning, She had gone into the water from the looks of it and was in a bikini, except for her top, and I noticed this. She turned to me, full frontal and said "I lost my top somewhere..." In an innocent, slightly embarrassed tone, but made no effort to cover herself. So, just like in an anime, I reacted, and the only means of cover I could offer, my right over over her breasts, in a hugging like manor. It was awkward, as she still didn't seem to try and cover her own self, so, he walked like this, searching the shoreline for her top. Near the right end, we found it, and she recovered it and put it back on. I only sighed but smiled. The next part I knew, I was confronted by several guys, one tall and skinny with a mustache, another fat as hell, bald, but fast, and one with giant arms, similar to that of Strength. They attacked me, and I leaped intot he air and landed on the buildings in the city we randomly were at, they started chasing me and I had to building hop. Then final, Merry was able to join in and save me, cuz I didn't know what I was doing. Finally, the dreams nears it's end with me and Merry standing next to this portal, in a surreal like blue room. Apparently this would take her closer to where she was. She had to find the woman who saved her and return home I guess.

*sigh* I would'nt have minded living in that dream. Merry is rather, very cute. Small chested and everything! =w=