I think it helped I was asleep somewhere around 12-14 hours with that dream. Heh, I'd like to go on another one like it again, but this time I bring a much shorter dream, but still interesting I think anyway, here it is.

I have forgotten some of it as the day went on, but I have retained enough of it to make it possible. I had been helping a little girl, possible the age of 6-8 through some woods. The trees were bare and had no leaves, which left me to believe it was some time in the fall, and I was kinda going about this in a MGS3 fashion, but more like in MGS2 where you have to escort Emma. Anyway, I noticed I wasn't wearing a shirt, which would only make me stand out more the longer we stayed out so we moved quickly. At some point, we got caught and had to run from the enemy and the girl got hurt, on the leg I think and I had to carry her in my arms, and despite being a dream, it proved to be difficult as I was getting tired and she felt more like dead weight as time went on. We got away and for reason, I needed take this long log with us, but with the girl being injured, it would prove even more difficult. So I told her to get on my back and hold on to me while I picked up the log. This, was extremely difficult on me, but I made it down to the road and then that scenario stopped. It picks up again, this time, on a different road and night, and a car pulls up for me. I'm not a car person, but it looked similar to this, only more "boxy" in the front. like an early model of it or something. I jumped into the drivers seat and turned the car around and went the other way. Inside, there was a female, but I couldn't see her face, or rather I didn't really turn to look at her, but I knew she was there and on my side. We are cruising nicely, but with purpose, but then I slammed on breaks and slid the car to the side on this bridge, and the road was gone, but not like just poof, it looked like it collapsed into the abyss below, much like in Silent Hill. I got out and looked over into the darkness that seemed to move closer to us. The woman told me to get back in quickly, that "it" was coming quickly. I'm not sure what "it" was, but I jumped back in the car and floored it. Behind us, the road was disappearing in darkness. I pushed the pedal to the floor and left it behind. Then again, I slid to a stop and was somehow knocked out of the car and into some kind of festivities with bright lights and alot of people.

That's where it ended. Not sure if it was some twist of a Silent Hill dream I was having out what...but I'd like to continue that one to, gotta find out what happened to the little girl and what was up with the darkness and "it".

EDIT: Okay, so maybe it turned out longer than I had planned, but it felt short.