naikoto said:
Shuugo did great job by making these packs manually. For me there is no difference if script will work an hour or full day. But i agree, making such a large torrent is boring.

Current plan is to make torrent yearly and update packs on request or every three months.
Also, i'll see if script may be enchanched to be scheduled.

btw, dump has been completed successfully -- packs 273..298
thank you Naikoto for the packs, as for my requests i am mearly curious as well as axious about pack releases and i understand that this stuff can be time consuming, that being said I only want to make a suggestion how about you post a tutorial or something like that, on how to make packs; that way others can help with this. I have some free times after work every now and then and if i knew how to do this i would be glad to help make packs.

I am a huge fan of this site and know that others are as well and to have to wait six months for torrents or pack is unbearable let along a year. I think that the way you have been doing the packs upon request or around a period of 3-4 months is the best way to go as far being a user, but as mentioned already that is up to you. As a working student i don't get lots of time to visit this site for an extended amount of time and this packs updating every few months has given me the chance to keep collection this great peaces of art.

thank you for your dedication to making packs as well as for your timely answers to requests