The bandwidth problem I was referring to to letting normal users doing the packs via the public interface or APIs. They wouldn't normally have access to the backend or even same-datacenter access for inter-server data transfers like you do.

However, it's the duplication of effort and the redundancies that causes I'm most concerned about. (They would compound/contribute to the bandwidth problem on their own anyway.) I'd rather leave the packs solely to you so all the users interested in it have an "official" release they can depend on.

SK7000 said:
I wonder, is it against the rules/un-ethical somehow to actually discuss this? O.O;
No. In theory, this would be an off-shoot of the "Improve" thread discussion, just focusing on mass image distribution. Several people have already announced client-side apps that leverage the Danbooru API, as far as I know. Though some used practices that are unethical or questionable, that seem to be mainly programming faults or API limitations than intentional malice. I'm not familiar with the API itself, however.