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Anime Discussion - Angel Beats! (Airing: Spring 2010) ==>>>SPOILER WARNING<<<==
Thread for Angel Beats! stuff. Spawned/continued from discussion under post #75385.
It'll be funny to use spoiler tags all the time cause then every post will just be spoilers lol.

Anyway I wonder when they'll show her last guard skill, cause it seems nothing is much of a threat to warrent it.
I was considering putting a warning in the thread title about spoilers. Think I should?

As for Guard Skills, we've seen three:

  • Hand Sonic (plus its variations)

Which is the one you're talking about? I know they had a list up on the computer screen during the raid on her room. but I don't recall the list in detail.
I don't recall a forth one either.

My main question now is were are they going to take it now. Just fighting each other seem pointless, I bet we're going to see a new character soon. wyt?

StahnAileron said:
Been a while since I've watched GitS (movie or TV series), so can't recall off-hand.
I dunno. I mean, considering how large the cast is, they can easily start spending like half an ep each to give their history.

So far, they've covered 3 (well, four) people:

  • Yuri

I'm hoping for more GirlDeMo concerts at least.

Beyond hitting up the support chars, I can only see a deeper dive into Kanade's role in the world, Otonashi amnesia, and Yuri's ambitions:

  • Otonashi's amnesia I'm sure they have to resolve SOMEHOW...Or so I hope. It was the hook to get into the world.
The dynamics between Yuri and Kanade is something, considering the role Kanade currently holds, as she's no longer the SCP. Not sure what's gonna happen with Naoi, since they haven't clarified if he's passed on or not. (Probably has, considering the events in ep 6.) Will Kanade re-assume her position?
Kanade's over-arching role in the world isn't clear from ANYONE's POV, apparently, ours or the human chars. And she's pretty quiet about things.

Next thing we know, the SSS and Kanade compete for the SCP seat. I mean, Yuri's still trying to find and fight "God", and considering what Naoi said...

About GitS: Okay, yeah...That jogged my memory...That'd be cool to have. ^_^
I would assume Kanade gets her position back really as we haven't seen any other Student Council members and the NPCs would have a tough time choosing one since they have to be practically perfect.

The 4th Guard Skill is Kanade making a clone of herself, I forget what the name of it was, but from the computer she can make a copy. Though it might be that she's still devloping it or something like her next idea on the computer.

She should make many more version of Hand Sonic though.
Hard to say about Kanade getting her position back so quickly and easily. The NPC teachers seem pretty strict. I can see her getting her position back temporalily, since she was the previous SCP. Permanently I'm not sure about, since they kicked her off so quickly, AND she didn't seem to fight that decision much, if at all.

And now that I think of it, I wanna see another fight sequence with Kanade. We've only really seen her fight in eps 1 and 2...
Well I like the anime because it's guns & swords x school .. but... I hate it.... now I like Tenshi more than the real main prot.... Yuri.... so unless that guy ends up with Tenshi, I shall not watch the anime. Ya... I hate it when it doesn't end my way...

BTW.... comments section is broken again... last post: Aileron...
I think I fell in love with Tenshi when she was first introduced. (It had to do with how she responded to Otonashi's response: I assumed she just took it literally.)

So yeah, I didn't have much care for Yuri to begin with (the resemblence to haruhi didn't help either...) Hell, I like Yui better: as annoyingly stupid as she is, at least she can act cute.

But yeah, Tensa, I kinda know that feeling of it not going your way: had the same feeling when the end of ToraDora reared it's ugly head. Ami was a MUCH better char in my opinion compared to Taiga. (I started disliking the extreme tsundere chars like Taiga by the time TD started airing...ZnT killed the char type for me...) I still think Ryuji shoulda wound up with Ami. (She was aggressive but not enough it seems...) Ami was a bitch, but she had the best char dev, I think...

BTW, what do you mean the comments section is broken?
Tensa said:
BTW.... comments section is broken again... last post: Aileron...
Same it should fix itself when someone comments.

Back on topic.
I did wish the didn't make Yuri look like Haruhi as well, but I fell in love with Tenshi the first time I saw her, It was something about her eyes I just love.
I agree with everything you said... I don't like tsundere's either... aside from Kyou XD ... aham! ... well... Ami there... I don't know... hmm.... why yes... she's a better woman than any other in Toradora... but ya' know... Ryuuji is a pedo so.... *is killed*

I mean that the bold and italic font did not disappear after I went to see who the comment section.... went back to Posts, and saw the comment section being "highlighted" ... went back and no new comments... went back to Post and it was still highlighted... get it? Normally after you see the Comments section and go back to Posts or wherever, the bold italic font dissapears..
Odd...I don't have that problem here on IE8...Then again, I am/was the last poster...

Tangent: What I'm listening and addicted to for the time being...

Geh...I need a GirlDeMo concert or something ^_^;
Tenshi ftw. i always prefer the quiet thinker over the loud and eccentric one. same reason why in TMoHS i prefered Yuki over Haruhi.
I prefered Mikuru instead of everyone else in TMoHS ... I HATE HARUHI!! DX To the extreme..
But yah... the similarity between Yuri and Haruhi are.... well ....
Mikuru's cute and all, but that's mostly it: cute (much like Yui in AB! Though at least Yui, as a char, has talent as a singer). Yuki I prefer overall since she can actually DO something (if not damn near every-/anything). Only other person who has some usefulness was Itsuki.

Haven't seen the Haruhi Movie, but I heard it was great (I shoulda went to see it when I had the chance *sigh*). Believe the plot revolved around Yuki.

Haruhi is a means to an end...Yuri's playing a similar role here. Unfortunately, the look and feel of Yuri is too much like Haruhi, so I can't say I have much sympathy for her, though I ahve more for Yuri than I can say for Haruhi (Yuri's past was pretty fucking shitty, to put it mildly...)

As for Ami in TD...I'd dump any other girl in that series for her. Yes, she's comes off as a bitch...But I have WAY more sympathy for her as a char than Taiga. Ami's mature, insightful, observant...And nearly as important, friggin' HOT! She has looks AND brains! Well, despite the outward shell she portrays. I dunno...Her personality seems more justified given her situation compared to Minori or Taiga.

And yes, Kyou's one of the better tsunderes to come about during the tsundere wave a couple years back...Much better balanced. Her and Misaka Mikoto ^_~ Oh, and Inami Mahiru from Working!! (in a REALLY weird way ^_^; )

Tenshi...Actually, if I think about it, she kinda reminds me of a cross of Ruri from Nadesico and Tessa from FMP! For me, it was her eyes and something about her hairstyle too. Oh, and the OP with her...(I want a scene with her having wings in an ep, dammit!)

You know...I do kinda wish there were more male chars in anime I could give a damn about or identify with. Too many male chars I just can't give a damn about. (I just finished reading Ichigo 100% not too long ago, which reminded me way too much of I''s, and I hate both male protaganists there...) Otonashi seems to be taking a bit after Tomoya and Yuuichi, so I can at least tolerate him, if not sympathize. Axe-boy's already getting on my nerves...
StahnAileron said:
Geh...I need a GirlDeMo concert or something ^_^;
Extract from my current playlist:
My Soul, Your Beats!
My Soul, Your Beats! (Fau Full)

I just haven't got round to digging out the other ones yet.

I haven't seen the Haruhi movie either. The only online one was some idiot with a synthetic jacket and a camcorder - and those are never good.
I've downloaded the GirlDeMo singles already. Though the OP/ED single(s) isn't out yet. "My Soul, Your Beats!" would make a nice standalone track to listen to. (The GirlDeMo songs I think work better when you see them performing...Though "Crow Song" works well enough on it's own.)

I'm wondering if there will be any new songs as well with Angel Beats! The only other recent anime I can think of that has a decent selection of songs is Macross Frontier. (Well, there's technically K-On! too...)
Wikipedia says there is one more single for GirlDeMo coming. "Thousand Enemies" was yesterday, "Little Braver" on June 9th.

I got my copy of "My Soul, Your Beats!" by converting a YouTube video of the opening sequence to audio only. I pull opening/closing themes alot because they make me remember the episodes. And they are good, even if I can't understand the words.
Same here, though I try not to pull them if I an help it. I prefer trying to get my hands on the actual CD's if possible. JPN Anime music industry is one I'm all for in support, and to some extent it's general music industry too, though not by much.
It'd be 5+years and a USA mincer before I could get the CD here, if at all.
I don't generally buy the actual CD's, but if there is going to be a good Kanade figure I'll be getting it. Sadly I've become a bit obsessed with getting anime figures so my money gets wasted pretty fast. I wonder if the dvd's will have anything special though.

Btw I agree about the camrip stuff, hate that kinda stuff. Rather be patient for the actual DVD to come out and let it get ripped online in good quality. Though for the Nanoha Movie I'll be getting the actual thing myself, it's worth it.
Gendou is the only place I get my music since they donate to the anime company's.

They also give links to buy the CD's.

Its also the only hope for unemployed teen in the US. Obama Change!!! -_-
Yeah I get music from time to time there too, like the tv sized ones.

Btw Tenshi's last guard skill is called Harmonics.
Just a question does anyone else like some of the other characters besides Tenshi? Yuri is like last on my list (But she still has some good points), but theres others like Shiina, Yusa, Sekine, and Irie. The latter 3 we definately need to see more of, or have Otonashi talk to like Yusa. (She interestes me, as she's the type like Tenshi without showing much emotions.)
TK is next on my list under Tenshi.
Well I was talking about the girls but yes, TK is my fav guy, I love what he says when he runs away in episode 6.
In that case Yui or that Blonde hair girl that trips the guy on stage. Not sure what you name is.
The band members in general for me. They haven't gotten much screen and development time. Well, save for Yui.

TK's funny, I'll give him that...But I think he'll work better as a BG char in the long run. Maeda did say humor was a major point in the creation of AB!

Harmonics? That does sound familiar...

I used to nab stuff from Gendou myself a couple years ago...I stopped when I realized most of the uploads there come from like Nipponsei or LonE rips...So I only use Gendou for older things that aren't seeded well anymore. I prefer Nipponsei for some reason, but I'll nab LonE stuff since they release other album types too. (Nipponsei doesn't release Seiyuu and Anisong artist albums, like yozuca*. They only do singles, OSTs, and image/vocal album directly related to an anime.)

Even then, I still try to buy my stuff. (I like think I'm sampling and then reminding myself to buy the CD's by using the downloads.) It's just hard considering how much anime-related CD's tend to cost. (And I'm something of a completionist too. Still kinda peeved I haven't been able to complete my TokiMemo 2 Character Portrait CD collection yet. Missing one disc...I have most of the other non-drama CD's otherwise.)
Your the same as me, I go with Nipponsei and LonE too, LonE does game singles/albums too like the new MGS and the Nanoha game.

Harmonics is the one mentioned in the computer with her making a clone of herself.

@Cuda: The blonde girl is Yusa. I have a informal list in my head that isn't definate until the show is over but right now it's Tenshi on top and Yuri on the bottom, I like her and she has some good points, but the other characters are beating her.
For names you just compare the intro sequence names to the names on wikipedia (en).
Wikipedia is my base reference for names (as they tend to include the kana/romaji). But I still take some things noted there with a grain of salt, simple because I know for a fact the Japanese can't transliterate that well.

I go by the original JPN pronounciation first. JPN transliteration sometimes screws that up. (e.g. Raging Heart vs Raising Heart: this is due to the differences in the 2 major transliteral schemes commonly employed. JPN tends to use a lossless scheme meant for text -"Raising"-, while most others use the scheme meant for proper pronunciation -"Raging"-. The JPN onscreen pronunciation is Raging while its text rendering is Raising.)

There's a similar problem with Sora No Otoshimono in regards to "Alpha's" given name: Ikaros vs Icarus. In terms of reference, I think Icarus was the intended name, but in practice it was rendered as Ikaros (both speech and text.)
In this case, all the names are correct. They match up perfectly with ANN.

Speaking of nanoha, the latest chapter of vivid has been translated.