My day was... one guy drank too much all night and doesn't remember where he left his car, and he didn't have his car keys, I think it was stolen, I saw a car with the same descriptions he gave me on the curves at the entrance to the city, unfortunately I didn't get his contact to confirm if it was his car, this was only 1/2 of the conversation I had with him.

RIP my Peugeot head gasket, sometimes you have to learn things roughly to stop being naive, and I'm not saying mechanical problems, but it won't happen anymore, but I sold the car, I already took it to the mechanic to fix and deliver the owner.
I have been poisoned by spoiled breakfast sausage. On the plus side I got five new pairs of pants and a shirt today. Gotta gear up for winter.
Poor Em.
Hope you feeling well again soon.
BattlequeenYume said:
Poor Em.
Hope you feeling well again soon.
Thank you. I took some stomach medicine and it turned out okay. I had a fantastic sleep too, complete with a dream about some huge wild turkeys being territorial in our yard and harassing us.

I went to the doctor today. I have lost a few pounds, which is always a good thing. Everything else is great with me. Organs are great, blood is great, cholesterol is great.

I hope that it's gonna be a good week.
I ran in to some computer trouble last night (or early morning) and I, of course, handled it maturely by having a fucking panic attack and weeping like a child. I know little to nothing about computers, so I had to trust this old Dell Windows 8.1 laptop to "fix" itself. I guess it worked? It "scanned and repaired" some kind of "drive", sent me a message saying that a restart might fix the error, restarted it, and...everything was normal again. Relatively. It still takes longer than I'd like to wake up from sleep mode.

The 'ol bitch just needs to hold out 'til Christmas. Then I'm dumpin' her ass. I still love and appreciate her though. She's a good 'ol piece of equipment. Dumb slut.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be better!
You were lucky that it was so easy to fix.
Fingers crossed that the old lady make it til christmas.

Wish things could be always fixed this easily with pushing the repair button.
I have, like, actual PC related PTSD so I didn't know wtf to do. And it was already late so I couldn't let it fix itself last night. Things seem okay with it now though. Like you said, fingers crossed it stays that way.

This is part of the reason I've always wanted a sweet, soft lil tech savvy BF. XD's not like I would fucking know anything about computer stuff! But I have friends that can help.

You should get some too :D
They are handy.
A big 'ol nasty horse fly bit me right in the upper thigh and it fucking hurt like piss. Now it's all swollen. Rude-ass bug...
I was among horseflies yesterday. None bit me, yay.
Tensa said:
I was among horseflies yesterday. None bit me, yay.
What can I say? I must've been too sweet to resist~ uwu
recently I saw two toco toucan here on the street, I always see them in two, probably a couple, it really is a very beautiful bird

the weather where i live
I had an exceptional bout of sleep paralysis this morning. I fucking hate sleep paralysis. I then had a series of odd and overly vivid dreams, which resulted in me waking up with a fantastic headache. Now my stomach is bothering me. Could be all the maters I've been eating. You can't beat a fresh local tomata though...
I finally made a Twitter account today after years of vowing to never set foot in that place. Goddamn Twitter.

I also ripped my pants while out running errands, and it was fucking hilarious.
otaku_emmy said:
I finally made a Twitter account today after years of vowing to never set foot in that place. Goddamn Twitter.
Welcome to the internet cancer
RyuZU said:
Welcome to the internet cancer
Oh I imagine I'll avoid most of the bad stuff by virtue of not giving a shit about mainstream topics or fandoms or random shitstorms that pop off daily over there. But Twitter stopped letting me look at people's posts and replies w/o an account so I basically HAD to make one...
Oh Emmy, you're a US citizen. You will have to be extra careful otherwise you will be swept in anyway.
Tensa said:
Oh Emmy, you're a US citizen. You will have to be extra careful otherwise you will be swept in anyway.
Eh. I have opinions on things but I mostly keep to myself. I'm not there to interact with anyone directly or to make my own Tweets. My self importance is not to the point where I'd make my own Tweets.

Like I said, I don't really care about...anything mainstream that'd be going on on Twitter. I don't care about new movies, TV shows, music, sports, politics, news headlines, (most) gaming related news, YouTubers, etc. I already knew of the few people I wanted to follow (streamers).

I actually got locked out after only a few hours of having the account. I guess I was liking things too quickly or something. I'unno. I got it back though, and I learned to...not do that.

Twitter seems to be a lot less intuitive in knowing what I like compared to Instagram. Probably because I'm so new and only following eleven accounts. I do like being able to see what other people have liked. That's pretty cool.
just problems after problems, as if the week couldn't get any worse, today my friend was threatened with being sued twice in one day, when he told me we laughed a lot, nothing's so bad It can't get worse, it will happen to me in the future a lot too.
Sued for what?
A customer bought a car then blew the engine after a few months, and he wants us to pay for a new engine, and we won't, because he agreed to take the vehicle below market value without warranty, that's why he wants to take it to justice, it's usually lack of maintenance, but it's not going to lead to anything.
did you ask if he tried to go up to R gear for "Rally"? 8)
Ah yes, customers with an IQ of a monkey.
it happens a lot, looking at the current situation of the country it's understandable, car here is too expensive, even the old ones, 54.8% of the value of a car here is tax
So our older, fatter dog hurt her hip (again) last week. She's still not 100% recovered from that. Then on Monday she woke up lookin' lumpier than the coldest bowl of oatmeal you've ever seen. Her skin's still bothering her, but it's much better. It was hives, but we aren't sure what triggered it. Then we got another water leak so I don't have any running water right now.

Hopefully, this weekend will be really good and badass and fun to make up for the preceding days of shittiness.
TIL that if a car battery is even a single volt below, like, 12.5~12.6 volts that bitch will NOT run.
Won't start or won't run?

Once it's started (assuming the alternator is working) it should run with a battery as low as 10 volts. Though you'll likely have to jump start it if the battery is lower than 12 volts. But some will start even with 11V.

However, why is the battery low?

If the battery is no good, the voltage will likely drop considerably when put under load. (eg. 2V)

If the alternator is not working, your battery will naturally run down. And then without aid from the alternator, all but the really old cars are likely to have problems even after you jump them.

If the battery is good but a bit low just from sitting too long, you should only need to jump it.
I don't know anything about cars, but from what I heard the two parts that you hook jumper cables up to were very corroded. When it was tested at the automotive store, it read as having 11.5 volts. The guy said he'd try charging it for 24 hours to see if that worked. I hope we don't need a whole new battery or an alternator. The lil display screen was being weird a week ago so it could be the latter...

It would do the whole...turning over and three clicks thing when my mom tried to crank it. The car isn't that old. It's a 2016 model. It was fine up until this morning.

It's kinda scary how little I know about vehicles, when I think about it.
It was the battery. They just went and bought a new one. Everything's okay now.

They gave my dad a shit-ton of free O'Reilly swag too. Pretty cool.