Its the rules, the mods didn't like your post, most of my first post were deleted for the 3 day rule, stop complaining.

Edit: Now that I have time to write.
Stop complaining, all images not approved for three days are delete, which mean a lot of things, mainly none of the mod like the post, we (the mods) not required to approved every image that pops up, as a general for me, if I have any question about quality, size or content I don't approve.

Has for other thing, image quality might not be high enough to approved but not low enough to delete right away, size can be another thing that prevents a image from being approved, another thing is content possibly none of the mods like the content in your images.

Anyways none of your images where deleted for no reason, if fact no image deleted by mod are deleted for no reason (unless its there own image), the 3 day rule has been here since I joined and is going to stay, so all you can really do is just deal with it.